Pregnant after a Loss

Feeling lost

So I'm pregnant again! Yes! Of course after two previous miscarriages and no children I'm nervous as ever! This time around my doctor told me they were going to monitor me extremely closely- and yet I feel like I keep getting written off. I have to call twice to get any answers from the doctors. They had me drawn for two blood hcg's last week and I still have no results on if my levels are rising. I called this afternoon and was told that once the doctor reads the results they will call me. Am I crazy in thinking that it shouldn't take this long?!

Re: Feeling lost

  • You are 100% correct. I had my levels drawn yesterday and had the results this morning. I have to repeat them tomorrow, and they told me that they would have the results back the same day so that we can create a plan if necessary sine I'm also nervous about another miscarriage. From what my doctor told me, the blood work takes about 2-3 hours to run. You might look around for another doctor if you don't feel comfortable with the treatment you are receiving.
  • No and I hate that! Have you considered switching doctors? May be someone high risk of you're not already seeing a specialist? I switched to one after my loss and I find them much more responsive.
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