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Advice on stopping BF

My son is 11 months old (DOB 7/22).  My plan was to have weened off my breasts by his first birthday. The day he turned 11 months old I started cutting out a feeding.  He did okay for about a week and now is refusing the bottle.  He throws it on the floor or tries to make my husband drink it. We put his milk in a sippy cup tonight and I went into the other room so he couldn't see me but he only drank half of it. 

Any advice? I know the "experts" say baby led weening is the best but it's summer and its hot, and I pumped enough milk and stored it properly so we wouldn't have to purchase formula.  I started out with cutting out his feeding before bed. Should I have picked a different feeding to cut out first?? Please any advice helps.

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Re: Advice on stopping BF

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    As a mom who EBF 4 babies- CONGRATULATIONS you made it super far!!  Breastfeeding is awesome but only if BOTH parties want to do it!  So please don't let anyone (i.e. experts) make you feel you need to continue until your child is ready to wean.  My first question would be what is his diet like?  Is he eating regular food- getting enough nutrients, etc.?  Is he sleeping through the night (I noticed you said you cut out a feeding before bed).  If he's sleeping through the night then you can assume he's getting enough food.  Are you sure he prefers a sippy cup- would he rather a staw cup or regular cup to drink?  Who said you have to give him milk????  My youngest (will be 1 in 2 days) does not care for for cows' milk.  He nurses only twice a day now but during the day only drinks water.  None of my children wanted breastmilk outside of nursing or in a bottle.  It was a comfort thing.  Perhaps your little man is the same way and just doesn't need that comfort anymore. 
  • Hi thank you for the response!!

    He eats tons of baby foods and finger foods. Won't touch meat he gives that right to the dogs. He will eat meat that's mashed up with other foods though. He is sleeping thru the night most nights. Thankfully. He started taking the bottle with breastmilk before bed when we started trying to wean him but now he throws it on the floor so I feed him. He won't take the milk from a sippy but he drinks water and juice from that. Once he realizes it's milk he throws it. Once we started trying to wean he upped his nursing and refused puréed food. Now he's back to eating it again. But he still nurses four times a day when he wakes up around 630, then 1130, 230, sometimes 6 and then before bed. A lot of the time it seems like comfort he never took a pacifier and never took to a toy as comfort item.
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  • I cut out the mid-day nursing first. I find that morning and bedtime are too connected to routines to start mess with first. Once lunch was no issue, we moved on to morning and dropped bedtime last.
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