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Twins- Do they sleep in the same crib?

Hi there!

I am 13 weeks with twins, and just curious about bringing them home and their sleeping arrangements. Do twins like to sleep in the same crib? I've heard both answers. I'm starting my baby registry and needed some clarification. Thanks!!


Re: Twins- Do they sleep in the same crib?

  • I plan to keep mine in the same crib for a little while. I've heard they sleep better together. But maybe someone with experience can chime in ;)
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  • I never had mine in the same crib. I preferred to give them their own space. When they were bigger, they would just roll into one another so we've always kept them separated.

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  • Mine love to be near each other and just having each other to stare at makes bedtime pretty easy - they rarely cry when put down to sleep next to each other, even if they are still fairly awake. I highly recommend a shared space (we use a pack n play at the foot of our bed) for the first several months. Mine our almost 3 months and we are transitioning them out of our room into their separate cribs in their room this week. We will probably put them together in one crib for a bit as they get used to the new room and then separate them. But we have the cribs situated where they can see each other, which I think is important. I support their individuality but they are very close and I want to support that, too.
  • My girls are 7weeks now, and from day 1 they have slept in separate bassinets in our room. During the daytime when I'm awake and can see them they share a packnplay for naps. They scoot and squirm so much that they end up on top of each other sometimes, so I'm not comfortable with them sleeping together when I'm sleeping and can't see them.
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    We are planning to have ours in a twin pack and play when they come home, and at least until they're sleeping longer stretches through the night (or outgrow the bassinets in the pack and play). I've heard that they often sleep better in the same crib but need separate cribs once they're old enough to start moving around when they sleep.
  • My twins will be 3 months on Friday and still sleep in the same crib. When I first brought them home I was determined for them to sleep in the same bed but they would scream and scream until put back together. So I finally gave in. I'm sure they will get
    To big eventually to crib share but right now I love them being together!
  • Mine do not. NICU advised against it.
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  • Thanks ladies for the tips! Have a good day!!
  • We have had great success with them in a crib together. They are much happier when together.
  • We did both. The first few months (and even in the NICU) they were together. Eventually as they got older we did have to put them in separate cribs though. 
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  • My triplets were in nicu til til 6-8wks. At home,
    They slept in the same room but 3 cribs til one moved to a new room around 6 months. The other 2 needed to be split for nap times then and were finally split for the night at 11 mos.
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  • Ours shared a crib (night) and packnplay (naps) until they were about 4 months old and started rolling. Then we separated them and stopped swaddling. I think the fact that they shared for so long helped them get used to each other's sleep noises.
  • There is conflicting advice out there on this one, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against having siblings sleep together due to increased risk for SIDS.  So our plan is to separate them into their own cribs right away.
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    I'm 35 weeks with twin girls and I will be putting them in the same crib until there 3 months and then I'll put them in one each :)
  • My twin boys are 2 1/2 months old and sleep in seperate rock n'plays. They have never expressed an interest in sleeping with each other and actually barely acknowledge each other when they are awake lol so I guess they made their own choice.
  • My twin boys are 20 months and for the first month I had them in a co-sleeper next to my bed. Then I moved them to their own cribs. I was terrified of them suffocating. I still think it is safest to let them sleep by themselves. Since then they have shared a pack and play a few times.
  • It actually seems like sleeping together reduces the SIDS risk if they are not yet flipping/moving much but once they are they need to be separated.
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