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In Search of Best Diaper Bag

Hello ladies! I was hoping to get some input on what the best diaper bag is in your opinion. I used a Skip Hop with my first two but think it's time to finally retire the thing for my 3rd.
I don't know if it exists but I would really like to find something with some sort of built in cooler/insulated pocket, stroller straps, and an exterior wipe holder (geez, not asking much am I?!?!?)
Looking for suggestions on what worked/works best for you.
Thanks in advance!

Re: In Search of Best Diaper Bag

  • My SO bought me a Coach diaper bag as a gift when I was pregnant with DS. It was very spacious and I loved it. I'm not familiar with any other brands.
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  • I got the Skip Hop Messenger style bag.  I love it.  I'd have to poke through it again to see if any of the pockets are insulated.  I BF, so it hasn't come up yet.  I especially love the clips to clip it on my stroller handle.  Plenty of room for my needs, but if you have to pack for three, it might be too small for your needs.
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  • Thanks @CanadaMom17. I was looking at that bag but wasn't sure if it would be big enough. Maybe I need to do some looking into large Skip Hop bags. I loved that brand with the last two
  • With my first, I had a Columbia messenger bag. It was wonderful! It had an insulated compartment, stroller straps, changing pad and reusable wet/messy bags. It was very roomy and durable and didn't scream diaper bag. We used it daily until my son was big enough that we didn't need to carry as much all the time. After that, it still worked great as an overnight bag, or to use on road trips. It got lost in a move or I'd be using it this time around as well. I purchased mine from Babies R Us about 4 years ago. It looks like it's been redesigned slightly, but still looks very similar to the one I had.

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    Thanks so much @hopeholloway!! That looks like a good affordable option that even the hubby wouldn't mind carrying around!
  • I have a larger skip hop! I love love love it!!!! I went through 2 carters and a coach one before I bought this one.
  • I have a larger skip hop. It's the skip hop bento bag. I love it. There's a compartment in the bottom of the bag that unzips. Inside there's an insulated pack. It's like a rectangular cooler. Inside that there's four containers that snap together for snacks.

    It also had two side pockets that are both insulated. I use those for my pumped bottles when I'm out and about. M

    You can search skip hop bento bag. That's what I did. I actually watched a you tube video exploring the bag and that was super helpful

    And I bought it used via poshmark. I got it for $60. Washes it and it's like new. :)
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  • Thank you @niknak1208!! I actually just decided to buy the Skip Hop Bento and scored an awesome deal on eBay, paying under $30!!!! I am super excited to receive it!!!!
  • Quick update....
    Got my Skip Hop Bento diaper bag the other day. LOVE IT!!!!! Can't wait for #3 to get here so I can put it to full use. Thanks to everyone who took time to comment!!
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