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Washing used baby clothes

Does anyone have any tips for washing used baby clothes? I have no problem buying baby clothes from garage sales. And I've bought used clothes for myself and just laundered normally. I plan to use free & clear detergent. But I didn't know if I should do anything else special when washing baby clothes.

Should I wash more than once?

Should I use hot water? What if the instructions for those particular clothes say 'machine wash cold'?

Re: Washing used baby clothes

  • I just wash the things I've bought used along with the things I've bought new. I'm assuming that the items I bought at consignment stores were washed before they were brought there, and I'd hope the same for garage sale items. Mainly I just wash to get rid of any dust that accumulated while the item sat on a store rack, and to get out any chemicals from new stuff.

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  • I use vinegar in the wash. It will naturally soften the clothes, removes any build up from detergents, gets rid of odors, and gets rid of stains. It is also a natural sanitizer. Just add a cup of vinegar to your detergent and I also use it in my softener dispenser (instead of liquid softener).
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  • Love the vinegar ideas! 

    @Rhill30 I've always wondered how/if thrift stores wash items before putting them out for sale. One would hope the donors wash their items before giving them away, but you never know. 
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  • For those that use vinegar, do the clothes end up with any traces the vinegar smell? I am all about natural cleaning products but when I have cleaned the bathroom with a vinegar solution, the smell was just too much for me!
  • I'm also a huge fan of vinegar. Once the clothes are dry, they don't smell like vinegar at all.
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    I use vinegar in my wash ! It's amazing for detergent build up, and to get rid of the smell of anything. Once the clothes are dry you won't smell any vinegar at all anymore !
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  • I'm so glad I found this because I've been trying to figure out how to get out the smell from the stuff my bfs coworker gave him. Now what about when the clothes get re wet? Any smell of vinegar?
  • @Knottie96391996 I haven't noticed any smell of vinegar afterwards even when re wet !
  • I also had this question. Thanks everyone form the info
  • So it's okay to use cold water? I kept hearing you should wash used clothes in hot water....the clothes I have all say to wash in cold water....
  • @KLHauck12 I always use "tap cold" setting on my washer. The vinegar is a natural disinfectant and also if you are drying things the dryer will heat the clothes more than any hot water setting. This has been my standard practice for 15+ years with no issues. I only used hot water when it came to washing cloth diapers and used it as a presoak. :)
  • Agreeing with mom4liak, I've ruined too many clothes with hot water anyway and I try to follow the washing instructions. 
  • Yep. Vinegar. For any stubborn smells (baby clothes or not) soak them in diluted vinegar and then wash with extra rinse.
  • Rhill30 said:

    No vinegar scent! You're diluting it in so much water that the scent won't hang around.

    Ok so kind of tmi from this crazy lurker lol but apple cider vinegar even helps with yeast infections lol. It burns like hell at first but then its crazy how much relief I get after about a minute!

    @leighann1, honestly you never know with people! I get hand me downs from my cousin for my daughters and when I dump the bag, stuff like crayons, stickers, and candy wrappers fall out :|. When I give clothes away everything is washed, folded, separated by size and I have dryer sheets in between the clothes!

    Question.... How exactly do you apply the apple cider vinegar for the yeast infection?
  • Using vinegar for yeast infections can cause a imbalance in your ph making matters worse...speak to a doctor first....ive hear horror stories....just saying!........for the wash yes its awesome i also instead of using dryer sheets because they have scent use aluminum. Foil just made into balls and thrown in the dryer

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