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Golf Carts

We are going away to an island where people mainly use golf carts on streets to get places. There are more carts than cars. The carts have seat belts. I've never had to think about or even paid attention to what families do with infants and small children on golf carts in a situation like this. Anyone have any experience with this or advice? I don't even know what the law is?

Re: Golf Carts

  • I have no idea about the law, but I'd maybe wear LO in a carrier or something if there is no way to do a car seat (which I imagine there wouldn't be).
  • Contact the hotel and ask about the practice? Or there's probably a discussion forum. If you happened to use a travel agent, they should be able to let you know.
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  • We're planning a beach trip next weekend and I was just going to call the local police department to find out the rules. Let us know what you find out though!
  • i live in an area of florida where there is actually golf cart parking in the parking lots :P While I have seen an occasional carseat inside the carts to which I don't know the logistics of since I assume there's just a lap belt, most people hold the children in their laps. Personally I would lean towards buying my kid a helmet for the you just never know mindset.
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