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first ultrasound

allisonjaneyoallisonjaneyo member
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My guess has been that I am 12 maybe 11weeks. I went today for my first visit. We did an abdominal scan but I couldn't really see anything. My boyfriend says he saw something. The doctor said he can see something in there but I'm probably not as far along as I thought. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm stressing out.

Re: first ultrasound

  • Is there a reason they couldn't do a transvaginal to check for viability/ to see how far along you are to get a proper due date? To me it seems that's something they would need to do
  • sck601sck601 member
    It's usually pretty hard to see something in the first tri with an abdominal ultrasound. Is there a reason they didn't do a transvaginal ultrasound?

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  • SovvySovvy member
    They didn't give you any more info?

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  • I would agree with PPs-- if you're supposed to be 12 weeks and they couldn't see anything, I would think they would have given you some more information or done some more testing. If not, if I were you I'd be giving them a call to see what is up!
  • Are they having you come back soon? They should have done it transvaginally if they couldn't see anything abdominally. What else did they say?
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  • allisonjaneyoallisonjaneyo member
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    I go back in two days for the transvaginal and my blood test results. It's going to be the longest two days of my life.
  • I'm not sure why they didn't do the transvaginal right away, the equipment was right there. He insisted we have something in there but I'm still worried to death.
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