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has any other ftm have really bad nausea while pregnant with a boy. Hoping I have a boy but everyone says that's signs of a girl.

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  • I had the worst morning sickness with my son. I have it bad this time too and I'm convinced this one is a boy.
  • nysahHnysahH member
    You're giving me so much hope first time I've heard this
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  • Old wives tale... All my friends said my son would be a girl too. There's still hope!
  • I didn't have any with my son, this time around I had slight. But every pregnancy is different and I know people that had two boys with completely different experiences.
  • if you can, i would talk to your momif you can, i would talk to your mom!  that's a good indicator of what your symptoms may mean!  I've had a lot of "boy" symptoms but I have a crazy sweet tooth (which usually means girl).  Found out last week that both my mom and MIL craved sweets with their boys and not their girls:)!  that's a good indicator of what your symptoms may mean!  I've had a lot of "boy
  • They're all old wives tales. My mom never had ms with any of her kids, a boy and 2 girls.

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  • You are statistically more likely to be having a girl if you have severe morning sickness, but nothing is guarenteed. 
  • wac386wac386 member
    I have two boys & one girl & felt horribly sick with my girl & like a super mom with both my boys...this time I feel sick a lot, but I think it's a boy. (Just a thought, no real reason) :)
  • Smooth sailing with DD and HG with DS, so thenold wives tale was not true with me! The Chinese calendar was also wrong both times.

    DD 12/20/99, DS 12/14/12, M/C 9/2014, M/C 1/2015

  • nysahHnysahH member
    Thanks ladies
  • My sister had HORRIBLE morning sickness with both of her pregnancies... they both ended up being boys.
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  • I've been sick since week 6 (will be 14 weeks on Friday); all the old wives tales pointed to girl and we found out this week that we are having a boy! So you never really know :) GL!
  • I had and still have sickness and it's a girl for me! My mom never had anything with either me or my brother so everyone and every pregnancy is different!
  • I threw up all day and night when I was pregnant with my son. I'm not nearly as dick this go around, but I have no idea what the gender is :)
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