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Dreams of gender

With my first pregnancy I had 2 or 3 dreams that I was having a boy before we found out at my 20 week scan. So far this time I had a dream I'm having a girl then last night I had a dream it's twin boys. I haven't done my blood work yet because my Dr said I could do it after my ultrasound next week. So now I'm a little anxious to if it means anything. I should hear back any day now on gender.

Re: Dreams of gender

  • I won't know yet for a while but I've had dreams with a little girl in them all along.
  • I have had both boy and girl dreams, so I'm discrediting my own lol I'll just find out in August at our 20 week scan!
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  • I had a feeling early on it was a girl. Idk why, no reason. Then I had a dream it was a girl and felt even more sure lol. I'm so excited to find out :) it would be so exciting to be wrong and find out it's a boy since I'm so sure it's a girl! So either way I can't wait
  • with our son I had a dream of a little boy a few weeks before finding out and always had that boy feeling with him even before it. This time, even before I got the positive pregnancy test, I had a dream of being at the hospital and they handed me a girl.....I haven't had that strong one or the other feeling yet though like I did with my son, but everyone we tell thinks were having a girl. Just 11 wks 3 days so still some time until we find out.
  • i haven't had ANY but my husband keeps having dreams of a little boy, does that count?! lol
  • With my first I dreamed I had a girl, and that turned out correct.  Last night I dreamed that this one was a girl too, but we won't know until our 20 week scan.
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  • sck601sck601 member
    With my first, I had all boy dreams, and it was a girl. This time, I'm having all girl dreams, so we'll see

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  • Meg920Meg920 member
    I Was thinking all along that I was having a boy. I was so confident that I told the doctor I was willing to put money on it. Last Monday I had a dream about a girl. It totally caught me off guard. I got the call that next day... It was a girl!
  • I have had one girl dream and one boy dream so I'm all confused now. Lol
  • sarah92544sarah92544 member
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    The other night i had a dream my sister did my c section on her bed lol and she delivered a healthy boy.
  • With DS, I had all boy dreams... crazy, ridiculous dreams, but none the less all boy! I have only had one so far this time and it was a girl! Thankfully not nearly as crazy, but still...

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  • Lol here's my very short dream...

    Dreamed I went back to school and was lost finding my way around but remember proudly showing off my pink "it's a girl!" wristband!! Then I woke up :-?

    I can't tell you when the last time I had a dream was!!!! When I was pregnant with DS I remembered my dreams all the time. I never had a gender dream with him because when I saw my first ultrasound I saw my DHs arms and ears. I was convinced it was a boy and sure enough he is! With this one... I have no idea!!!!!!
  • Same! I've dreamt of a girl since before my positive pregnancy test and so has many of my family members. Strange. I hope we're all right! If not, i'll be happy either way!
  • I have heard its always the opposite of what you dream.  Dh and I have both had dreams that it was a boy, so I am wondering what it will actually be! Results in one week!
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  • I am so confused! With the first two I didn't have dreams and with this one I've had a boy and a girl
    Dream. And we aren't finding out till delivery so I guess I have 25 more weeks to go!
  • No gender dreams here, but man, have I been having some serious sexytime dreams!
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  • I had two dreams it was a boy, but I've woken up with the first thought and feeling in my head that I'm having a girl.
  • No dreams about the baby's sex, but in the last couple days I've had a feeling (intuition maybe) setting in that this LO is another girl.
  • I had one a few weeks ago. The baby was a beautiful baby girl, about 3-4 months old. I told DH to hand me my "Beautiful little girl" and he was like "Uhh, we had a boy." When he handed me the baby, it was naked and had a little penis on it, plain as day. It was strange.
  • lol dreams are funny things. we found out on monday that we're having a baby girl. i had a dream last night that i am chalking up to the "wish fulfillment" - i had a perfectly behaved baby boy (apparently in my dream psychosis, perfection = sleep & no trouble breastfeeding) AND i got to tell off this BIA for being what i'll call an idiot and it felt SO good. i woke up in a great mood. 

    if you research baby dreams they can all mean a little different things. i had a ton of them right after my miscarriage, which was weird and difficult, but after reading into it they made a lot of sense! 
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  • I keep dreaming my child is born a cat. So, there's that. Oh, and my first thought is, "when will it lose it's hair?"
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    I had dreams of a boy for the first 12 weeks... The past ten days it's been all about girls!?! I won't know until September 1!!
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