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A little Tuesday GTKY? Hola!

So with all the constant spotting scares, relationship emotions and drama, thought about lightening it up!

Where are you from?

What's your drink of choice this morning? ( I'm jealous of those who can still handle coffee haha!)

What are you planning on buying for this baby soon? If there's a secret special something you had with your first please share!

Plans for July 4th?

Happy Tuesday!

Re: A little Tuesday GTKY? Hola!

  • I always drink water - though I have to admit I've started having one cup of coffee a day from time to time.  Its freaking glorious!

    We aren't buying too much until we know what it is.  But I do have a few little things that are gender neutral.

    And we have a boat, so for the 4th we are doing that.  I know that makes us sound fancy, but my husband grew up on the lake, and its a huge part of the culture here, so its just a normal part of life.

  • Love this post! 

    Live in Staten Island, NY. My morning drink of choice is the one glorious cup of coffee I am allowed. (I am a huge coffee person so being limited to one caffeinated beverage a day is hard!).

    Like @nfleszar I am not buying anything until I know what we are having. Plus I still feel weird buying things without being out of my first tri, 

    Spending the actual 4th with my DH's family at their beach house. The rest of the weekend we are just hoping to spend relaxing with friends. Maybe have a BBQ.  
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  • I live in England, originally from the states.

    First thing I drink in the morning is a fruit smoothie with Greek yogurt and spinach. It soothes my stomach and makes it easier to eat real, solid food.

    We aren't buying anything until well into 2nd trimester, unless I can find an old dresser to upcycle into a changing station.

    We are going camping this weekend :)
  • I'm from SC! Pretty much living off of water these days. Haha. Gave up mountain dew when I found out I was pregnant.

    I bought a car seat canopy (neutral colors) only because it was free. I only had to pay shipping :)

    We will spend the 4th at the lake. I'm totally bummed though because I can't ride our jet ski :( I'll just enjoy the view from our boat! Haha. I know poor, pitiful me :)
  • I'm drinking a half-caff coffee! (And fighting a craving for a french toast bagel...)

    I live in New Jersey.

    I want to buy a book soon for baby...something to read in the hospital. 

    Plans for the 4th of July include finally going public about being pregnant with a Facebook post (patriotic themed because my second trimester happened to coincide with the 4th of July) and a BBQ and swimming at my parents. Maybe fireworks!
  • I'm in western New York I drink water pretty much all day everyday. I won't be buying anything until I'm 20 weeks. Don't know if/when we'll find out what we're having but I was team green for my two boys so I have a ton of gender neutral stuff. The only thing I can think of that I need is a new diaper caddy. Have to go to a wedding this weekend and going to watch the fireworks.
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  • I'm from the California Bay Area. My normal drink of choice is water, but I'm flying cross country today, and on my layover I was grabbing a snack and saw a bottle of cran-lemonade and couldn't resist.

    We bought a crib last week, and next I'm looking for a dresser.

    For the fourth my DH and I are hoping to find some fireworks, maybe down in Monterey. Normally we just go to a friends and hang out, but this is our last baby free, so we wanted to do something special that's harder with kids :)
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  • I'm from IN.

    I've been drinking mostly water and Gatorade, with a few milkshakes and smoothies thrown in.

    We've mostly been buying books and my husband just saw a good deal on wipes so he ordered those.

    For the 4th, one of the families in our church is having everyone over for a pitch in and then they'll set off fireworks. They live on a big farm outside of the city.
  • I'm in Toronto. Well, about an hour east of Toronto. 

    Drink of choice these days is water (ice, ice cold), yellow gatorade or peach juice. 

    Haven't bought anything yet. Well, not entirely true... I used to work at Carters OshKosh while I was in college and would stock up on sleepers and onesies when they went down below $2 so I've had a bunch stashed away for years. I just need to find them! 

    On the 4th of July I'll be watching Netflix either from the couch or my bed :) But, tomorrow is July 1st - Canada Day! - so hubby and I are going to watch the Blue Jays kill the BoSox. :) 

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  • Coffee. I wake up thirsty, but after my thirst is quenched coffee. Coffee is life. We haven't bought anything yet because DH just started a new job and I'm only 11 weeks. I'll be buying some paint for the nursery soon!
    Lol. Holiday plans! I'm a chef. I be working. Oh, I'm in central Pennsylvania
  • I'm from the lovely SC

    13 weeks today

    I drink whatever I get my hands on- most of the time it's sprite...

    I haven't bought anything for the baby- SO and I were talking about going to the beach for a day, maybe I'll convince him to let me buy something baby.
    ( we are trying to get a house, and out of this apartment- so there's no point to buy something just to have to move it)

    I'm supposed to go to my cousins wedding on the 4th, but I'm not going- so I'm going to dog sit my sisters three barky dogs on fireworks day.. Fun.. Lol
  • We live in the Midwest

    Only drinks I can handle are coffee and OJ. Can't get enough OJ

    I'm getting a Moses basket this time instead of a bassinet. Easier to move around and I can put it in bed between us.

    We are hosting a Fourth of July party that I am dreading because I feel like garbage.
  • LauraFiLauraFi member
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    I'm in Rotterdam, the Netherlands (from Canada) In the morning I have been drinking water. For some reason water seems tastier to me than it used to, before getting pregnant I drank a lot of tea but have cut back. We haven't bought anything for the baby yet. Currently 11 weeks 5 days. After our next ultrasound (13 weeks) I am going to buy something to make a photo announcement, but otherwise will be holding out until we know the gender. We also don't have a ton of storage space so it doesn't make sense to buy things like the crib yet. For July 1st (Canada Day) we are going to the beach volleyball world championships with some Canadian expat friends in the evening. Still haven't spilt the beans that I'm pregnant so will see if I can still keep it a secret. We have told close family members and friends but am wanting to wait until after my ultrasound on July 9th to make it public.
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  • Drink of choice. Is one delicious caffeinated beverage a day coke or mtn dew preferably.

    We have been buying gender neutral but I can't wait to find out the sex so I can either buy cute little polos and overalls or dresses and bows.

    I am probably heading down to my family's condo at the beach. I just moved back from the beach but I didn't go much cause I was so sick. I'm better now so I want to enjoy it even if people question my fat/baby belly.

  • adcc43adcc43 member
    I am from Southeast Michigan.

    I usually drink one small cup of coffee in the morning then drink water/sparkling water for the rest of the day. Occasionally I will drink a small amount of Coke but have really stayed away for the most part.

    I have bought a few gender neutral things but we are team green so I am buying white onesies and things like that. I bought a pair of booties and moccasins for the baby.

    For the 4th we will be heading to Northern Michigan to hangout and swim in Lake Michigan.



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  • Another South Carolina girl here!
    Drinking water in the mornings (and dreaming of a big mug of hot coffee).
    Not buying anything just yet for baby.
    And headed to the beach (Tybee Island) for a much needed week of vacation!
  • I'm from Southern CT (less than an hour from NYC).

    I used to be a coffee FIEND (at least 2-3 cups a day since high school), but I quit 3 months before we started trying to prepare myself, and was actually doing okay without it until the past couple of weeks when fatigue hit...but the way this fatigue feels, I doubt caffeine would do anything anyway. Now I like a cup of cold chocolate almond milk in the morning.

    I still feel weird about buying stuff, it feels too early (I'm only 9w4d)...also I think I'm going to try and hold off because hopefully I can get the big stuff during big sales like Black Friday, and the little stuff I've been told you mostly get at your shower. So I've been mind-shopping, making a mental list of cute things, and rearranging our den into a nursery, but don't plan on buying anything for months. When I told my parents, my mom came downstairs with two little baby shirts she bought FOUR years ago, haha. They say "Read to me" and "Sing to me" which are very me. I did tell her she's a total creeper for buying shirts four years ago (before I was even engaged).

    My extended family owns a lake house together and for July 4th the town has fireworks over the lake, you take your boats out and watch from the middle of the lake and the booms echo off the mountains on either side, it's one of my favorite things :)

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  • I'm in Indiana.

    My drink of choice this morning was a decaf mocha...yumm. Otherwise I've been drinking alot of fresh lemonade or flavored water.

    I bought an adorable gender neutral sleeper that I couldn't pass up, the last size was 9mo so it'll be awhile before the baby can wear it! I got DH a manly stroller bag and an 'I Love Daddy' onsie for his birthday/Father's Day. We won't buy anything big for awhile though.

    I have no idea what our 4th of July plans are. We usually find a place to do fireworks and my family sometimes does a cookout, so we'll see!
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  • Happy Tuesday!

    I'm from Arkansas.  Drink of choice this morning was a caramel macchiato that I could FINALLY drink and enjoy!   

    Not planning on buying anything just yet.  If we had a choice, we'd hope baby is a boy because we still have a ton of DS's stuff, plus my sister is expecting a boy as well!

    No plans for the 4th other than that's my sister's due date, so if my nephew makes his arrival we'll be traveling! :)  Other than that, we live in a tourist/lake town so it gets kind of crazy around here! 

  • Lived in Ohio my whole life.

    I used to have coffee every morning. Now I switch between coffee and hot tea. I need to drink more water, but it always makes me nauseous.

    Haven't bought anything yet. First thing will probably be a new chair, a rocker/recliner, instead of the uncomfortable old glider that we have right now. I spent a lot of time nursing in that thing and I need something more comfortable this time around. We're holding off on buying anything actually for the baby until we find out the sex. If it's another boy we'll just be needing a few things.

    For the 4th, we are having a small cookout with some friends, then going to fireworks at our usual spot. Maybe boating the next day and seeing my dad, weather permitting. DH and I work opposite schedules so we never have to worry about childcare, so we are looking forward to a couple of days that we are both off work.
  • Cricket99 said:

    I live in England, originally from the states.

    First thing I drink in the morning is a fruit smoothie with Greek yogurt and spinach. It soothes my stomach and makes it easier to eat real, solid food.

    We aren't buying anything until well into 2nd trimester, unless I can find an old dresser to upcycle into a changing station.

    We are going camping this weekend :)

    This is the one thing in my pregnancy so far that made me sick. I totally had to stop drinking a smoothie at breakfast. My stomach says its carbs for breakfast and that's that! Lol
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  • I'm from the Toronto area in Canada.

    I drink orange juice every morning with my preg vit vitamin. Then it's mostly water.

    Haven't bought anything yet, still waiting for proof that there is actually a baby in there! But I've mostly been thinking stroller and car seats because I wanted to research and decide before anyone starts asking.

    Canadian so no 4th of July plans, although hubby is heading down to NC for a bachelor party, they thought it would be fun to celebrate the 4th! I'll be at home playing with puppy.
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  • I live in central Ohio.

    First thing I drink is water, followed by coffee. I've actually made myself sick from drinking too much water. I love it lol.

    We have everything we need for the baby, but I will be needing a winter maternity coat. EDD is the end of january and winters are rough! I'm thinking I could score some awesome clearance deals right now! (The #1 best purchase for us, though, was a small rocker recliner we put in the nursery. We will move it to the new baby's room.)

    It's my birthday weekend! We will take the kids to the zoo Friday followed by date night, fireworks Saturday, and then more fireworks we will set off celebrating my bday Saturday night.

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  • daninikicolidaninikicoli member
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    I live in Henderson Nevada...just outside of Las Vegas. It used to be a small town...its "lovingly" referred to as Hendertuckey.

    I drank my first cup of coffee since getting pregnant... It was amazing! Lots of OJ and water.

    I haven't bought anything, but I don't need much since I still have everything from my son. I've been looking for a vintage dresser for the nursery... No luck yet.

    We are headed to the lake...we leave our motorhome and boat at a campground on the lake for the summer...then just drive up on the weekends. My parents and their friends started the tradition when we were young and now us "kids" carry on the tradition with our kids. We call them our lake family.
  • Yay! I love these! I'm from Bothell, WA, just outside of Seattle.

    I'm going to go make myself a nice cup of coffee after I climb out of my bath tub. Reading all of these made me literally "hungry" for coffee... explain that, pregnancy is so weird.

    We haven't bought anything yet, but we are in the process of ripping out all our carpet and putting in a new wood floor (technically laminate, but a girl can dream!) I consider that our first baby expense, because our carpets were nasty from previous owners smoking in the house and various pet stains, and there's no way I would want my little person crawling face down in that.

    For the fourth we're going to my parents newly built vacation home in Chelan, WA (it's our state's lake resort town, like Tahoe) I'm actually not fully looking forward to that trip though because the weather forecast is in the 100s the whole time we're there. Thank god for AC!
  • Where are you from?
    Originally from near Seattle. We now live in central Mass.

    What's your drink of choice this morning?
    I can finally stomach coffee again, but now I have to add milk & a little sugar whereas before getting pg I drank it black.

    What are you planning on buying for this baby soon?
    We'll probably be doing some yard sale shopping soon, and thanks to that winter baby thread I've decided to start looking for warm sleepers and long sleeved onesies first. Pants are easy enough to sew, so I'll probably work on those after I get a nb pattern.

    Plans for July 4th?
    Parade & strawberry festival in a nearby town.
  • Where are you from?
    Virginia Beach, Virginia

    What's your drink of choice this morning?
    Water. Seriously, that's the only thing I drink.

    What are you planning on buying for this baby soon? 
    Haven't bought anything for baby yet. I am itching to buy but would really love to know the sex first.  

    Plans for July 4th?
    My SO and I are going to go to the beach with my family. Lots of swimming, eating, and boating to be done by all.
  • SullyNSullyN member
    I'm from MA.

    Mostly water, sometimes tea. There have been days that I've longed for coffee, it smells so good! But once I taste it it is gross :(

    We haven't bought anything except for the puzzle we used to tell DS he's going to be a big brother. I'll buy stuff once we know the sex.

    My mom is supposed to have a cookout for the 4th, but not sure when. Other than that we plan on watching the fireworks from the comfort of our yard!

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  • Where are you from?

    What's your drink of choice this morning? ( I'm jealous of those who can still handle coffee haha!)
    I made a latte this am and it was just what I needed after not much sleep last night due to an exorbitant amount of bathroom trips. :(

    What are you planning on buying for this baby soon? If there's a secret special something you had with your first please share!
    We actually just ordered our crib yesterday from Overstock.com because it was an excellent deal AND I had a coupon. Exciting!
    We also went ahead and ordered the mattress and mattress cover, because coupon savings!

    Plans for July 4th?
    We are visiting my husband's parents at their lake-house AND we are telling them about the pregnancy. I'll be 14 weeks! :D

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  • Where are you from?
    I am from Western NY

    What's your drink of choice this morning? ( I'm jealous of those who can still handle coffee haha!)
    It used to be ice tea, but I have cut way back on that.  So I pretty much drink water and milk now. 

    What are you planning on buying for this baby soon? If there's a secret special something you had with your first please share!
    I haven't bought anything.  We really don't need much and we are team green so we probably won't buy too much.  But this week I am going to by my DS a Big Brother shirt.  That is how we are going to tell my in-laws. 

    Plans for July 4th?
    We have a farm and the weather FINALLY looks like sunshine, so we will be doing hay this weekend, again.  It is also my mother in laws 50th birthday.  My sister in law is throwing her a surprise party and I have to make the salads.  So when I am not on the tractor, I will be in the kitchen getting food ready to take.  Good thing we had a relaxing weekend last weekend. 
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  • From Maryland!

    I drink one cup of caf coffee split with half decaf....so I can trick myself into thinking it's two cups!! haha!  however, my stomach doesnt love me half way through my second cup.  Pre preganancy I drank 29310238787 cups hahahaaa only kind of joking.

    I bought some art for the nursery because I just couldnt stand it!  I've been eyeing this artist for years but didn't have any reason to buy...y'all should check it out: https://www.theanimalprintshop.com/Art-for-Nursery/

    I'm heading to the beach with one of my best friends and her husband.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow so I plan on tell them first:)  My husband was supposed to come but out of the bue he's leaving the country on Friday.  Oh, the marine corps :)
  • I love these!!
    I'm from Southern Oklahoma. About 10w4d with TWINS. Also a first time mommy!

    My drink of choice is water with lime or lemon. I'm really on a lime kick. Before I was pregnant I was a dr pepper addict, but cut that out completely. I started getting bad headaches, so my doctor recommended that I have 1/2 a can every other day.

    Hubs and I have started buying diapers, since we're going to be needing a lot. We decided the earlier we get ahead the better. His cousin also had twins, so they are giving us their cribs and changing table (: so grateful for them. But other than diapers, we haven't bought anything. Well... a year ago his parents gave us some baby flip flops and a bath robe just trying to hint to us that they're ready for grandbabies lol

    July 4th plans?? Hmm.. the in-loves and my parents might come over and have a cookout, swim, and celebrate. Not really sure yet.

    Y'all have a safe weekend!!
  • I'm in the SF Bay Area. (Originally from Minnesota, hence my VERY old screen name from when I was on the Knot boards! Dang it Bump, let me change it!)

    Ice water, but I'd kill for a lemonade. Must.go.to.store. Later. Once it's not 100+ degrees. Just the thought of getting into a hot car and walking across the grocery store parking lot... Yech. I can wait.

    I'd love to get started on the nursery and get a crib and rocking chair, but we don't know the sex yet, and it may influence my furniture decisions. Also, there's a possibility of another move in our future, so no big purchases for now. (Eek!) 

    For the 4th, we have a birthday party to go to, and then a BBQ with friends. We're hoping to find somewhere with fireworks too - @MaMinette13, we'll have to look into Monterey! Hopefully somewhere a little closer, since we'll have a big group going. 

    Cheers, everyone!
  • claireloSCclaireloSC member
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    I'm from NYC but live in California now. 

    One cup of coffee in the mornings is still my drink of choice.

    I haven't bought anything for the baby yet cause we're getting lots of hand-me-downs! I think we might look for a rocker or glider soon though.

    Going to a pool party this weekend and will probably just bum around besides that.
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  • I am from Fernandina Beach, FL (north of Jacksonville)

    My drink of choice this morning was blackberry ginger ale. Usually just water, but I was feeling daring, I guess :P

    Baby already has a few odds and ends...gender neutral blanket, pacifier, and a couple others. As soon as we find out gender I am dying to buy the first zebra item. I am zebra crazy and can't wait to know if I am buying manly safari zebras or sassy zebra print outfits lol! Cannot wait!

    The July 4th weekend starts on Friday for us... we are going to see some out of town family that will be visiting my parents a couple hours away. Then Saturday we are going couch shopping during the day and then a cookout with friends that night! :) So excited!
  • SovvySovvy member

    Once we know what we're having I'll be buying a Moulin Roty lovie for the baby.

    We're going to see the fireworks on the lake!

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  • Im from London, UK

    I had some pressed mango and orange juice but i had to dilute it down with water water and water. 30C heat was a bit much today.

    Im buying cloth diapers. Everyone has been so against the idea of me choosing to use them but my choice! So yh slowly starting a varied collection.

    July 4th erm... yh im from the UK. Though saying that we have a surprise bday bbq to attend. So guess blump will be on show!!!
  • Hi Mommies!!!

    I am from South Florida. Been here all my life.

    My drink of choice is Lacroiux (however the heck it's spelled) sparkling water. Nothing is helping to make eating food any better.

    I have everything you could imagine for a baby girl (from my DD) but we are having a boy this time! Yay!! My brother just had a boy, so we will take the hand me downs from him...yay again:) I have purchased half the supply of diapers, wipes, washes and lotions already. I'm an avid couponer. And one NB boy outfit that I loved when I passed it. And omg shopping for a boy is way different than a girl.

    For the fourth, we are hanging out with family at the pool and having a BBQ. DD is terrified of fireworks so we aren't going to our big city park with the fam, but we will watch them from our house.
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  • l4rkl4rk member
    I'm from British Columbia, Canada!

    My drink of choice this morning was anTim Horton's iced coffee without sweetner. It's disgusting, do I don't know why I keep ordering it...

    I'm trying to lock down a used BOB stroller for $200 right now. Waiting for the seller to respond. Other than that, no purchases planned for the near future.

    Im Canadian so no July 4 plans but CANADA DAY is tomorrow!!! We are going camping with my parenta, in-laws and sister. My sis lives in Washington state now so I'm very excited to see her.
  • emzy86emzy86 member
    My drink of choice at the moment is juice or cordial. I gave up coffee way before the pregnancy but I still love the smell.

    We haven't bought anything. Next week we will announce to family so we might start buying things then. Probably start organising a nursery.

    I live in Oz so we don't celebrate July 4, so I'll be working all weekend
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