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A little Tuesday GTKY? Hola!


Re: A little Tuesday GTKY? Hola!

  • Mine!
    I'm from California! The weather is gorgoues!

    I've sipped so much water today I'm so proud of myself! Sometimes water makes me want to barf!

    I've already bottom a plain onesie set and neutral soft knitted blanket! And some cute outfits! We found out early were having a boy!

    Me and my friend our going to the local lake to tan and relax and enjoy the beautiful weather! Just found out SO is getting off early so I'm excited well get to hopefully enjoy Fourth of July together! Granted no fires break out!
  • I'm from CT but live in TN right now (we are military).

    My drink of choice is always coffee (if they say I can have one cup I am having it!) but my nausea has been bad today so I only drank about 3 sips and then switched to ginger ale.

    My DS will be 17 months when this one arrives so no need for much baby stuff unless it's a girl!  

    And we are doing GLORIOUS NOTHING for the 4th...we just got back from a lot of crazy travel so I'm so relieved to just relax!!


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  • We live in central Arkansas.

    Drink of choice is currently water but lemonade sometimes calls my name.

    I have bought a gender neutral owl themed blanket and a a matching set of receiving blankets. Team green so far! Also a few items of maternity clothes for me.

    I will be on call for my job on Friday but for Saturday we have a pool party/BBQ planned. We will announce to most of our friends. Very excited!
  • Where are you from? South Central Kansas

    What's your drink of choice this morning? Juice

    What are you planning on buying for this baby soon? Nothing until much later

    Plans for July 4th? Taking a trip to OKC.
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  • I live in SW florida.

    Drink of choice most mornings is either water or chocolate milk.

    We are remodeling babies room. So does new drywall,carpet, and paint count for baby? Lol. If not I've bought a single pack of onsie to do our photo reveal, but it didn't quite turn out how I wanted. My inlaws bought a crib several weeks ago..... they may be a tad bit too excited.

    For the 4th we will be driving to NC to visit my inlaws and spend a quick weekend with them.

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