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So it seems that I will be a single mom. My soon to be ex and I have a 2 yo and one on the way. I'm currently looking at housing and wanted input from other single moms out there that may be in similar situations like me. Financially it will be much better at this time to get a 2 bdrm apartment/condo/townhouse but I'm wondering if I should really look for a 3 bdrm in price range. Baby #2 isn't due until January and I'm sure I'll cosleep again like the last initially but moved my son into a crib at 4 mos which he also started sleeping through the night at that point as well. I don't think having a 3 yo and infant share a room is a good idea at all because one or the other will wake each other up, but maybe I'm wrong. Love some input and advice. I'm obviously currently living with the BF but will be moving out as soon as I find my own place. 

Re: Looking for Housing

  • I wish I could help.  I had to move in with my dad after BD and I broke up.  But if you need assistance, I would look up DHS.  They can assist you with childcare too.  Other things that might help: WIC, insurance (, SNAP... 

    I was only eligible for childcare assistance and have been knocked off due to a small raise I received.  But your situation is different than mine, so I hope that info helps... 
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