Has anyone had tiny flakes of tissue after they use the bathroom during their first trimester???? — The Bump
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Has anyone had tiny flakes of tissue after they use the bathroom during their first trimester????

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I'm approximately 5 weeks pregnant not for sure yet since I haven't seen my OBGYN yet. But I went to the hospital last night to get checked out for what I thought was spotting and the doctor said it was too early to tell if everything was ok or not. They did a PAP and a vaginal ultrasound and said there was a sac, but didn't know much more than that. But today I've been seeing tiny flakes of what looks like tissue when I wipe and some floating in the toilet. No pain, just very minor cramping, but not all the time just randomly. I'm terrified. Someone please tell me this could be normal??

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  • Thanks for the response! It has been continuing. But hasn't gotten much worse. I don't even need to wear a pad. I only see it when I use the restroom and I wipe. No pain still. And my pregnancy symptoms are still here! It is like a very mild period. I guess I've been doing way too much reading online, because all I've seen is miscarriage. They say only less than 20 percent of women have a miscarriage, but reading online it seems like anyone who bled at all had one. I've been praying for this baby for so long.
  • Thank you so much :) I'll keep you posted! :)
  • Yes I saw my doctor. She said it seems like nothing to really worry about since it's not heavy at all and there's no pain involved. If I wasn't having that, I'd feel perfectly fine lol Getting blood work done right now to check hCG levels :)
  • Thank you so much for saying that Sharinalong22! It seems to be easing up a ton! Haven't seen hardly any "flakes" today, just very very light spotting. I think the baby will be just fine ♡ I'll keep all of you updated :)
  • Mousie93 said:
    That's because when you miscarry you are guaranteed to bleed,

    Oh i hate to break this to you but that's not true.

    Missed miscarriages happen a fair amount too. You've no idea something has happened until the doctor confirms it. Sometimes the body expels a missed MC eventually but often the body reabsorbs it. 

    Not to make people worry - it's unlikely compared to a "normal" miscarriage. But it does happen. 
  • One day i had what looked like flakes too. RED flakes. 

    Nothing came of it. Kid's still kicking (literally)
  • Well good news is, it's toned down to the point where is looking pretty normal when I go potty :) My prego symptoms are still very much active and the doctor said she'd call me with my blood test results when she gets them back :) I'm hoping all is well :)
  • Well to let everyone know... I found out today that I am having a miscarriage. Very very sad time since I've been praying for this baby for quite some time.... If your bleeding during pregnancy you should definitely go get it checked out asap. :,(
  • I am so sorry for your loss. Good luck to you in the future.
  • So sorry for your loss, praying for you and warm wishes as you continue your journey to motherhood.
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