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Weaning :(

i never imagined i would get emotional about weaning my baby from Breast feeding :( he is almost one and i know i want to kind of stop nursing during the day by august, but it makes me so sad.

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  • If you don't want to you don't have to. It's hard. My 10 month old stopped nursing randomly Thursday afternoon. She screams and arches her back if I try but will take a bottle of pumped milk no problem :(
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  • @dogperson11 its half and half. He loves to nurse to sleep but otherwise he is too busy. I have lots of saved milk so he will still get BM for a while. Im going to continue the night nursing before bed but i dont want to go back to work in September and be pumping at work.
  • Interesting, my son stopped taking milk from bottle and sippy cup. Only wants breast, so he'll spend the time I'm at work without much milk and suck me dry throughout the night. I plan to stop pumping when he turns 1 in August. How am I going to wean him off the every 2-3 hours at night feeding? I don't know what a good night sleep feels like since he was born.
  • Dont worry @BabyPaulin i stopped pumping one feeding. When im gone during that time he will take a bottle but if im home he practically grabs my breast out of my shirt :) i guess "breast is best"!! Hahahah. Its so hard to wean!!
  • To wean him from doing it every couple hours maybe cuddle/ rock him back to bed he may just want snuggles! My little one does the same exact thing I plan to just rock her back to sleep in hopes she'll realize no more milk every few hours at night! I also plan is to keep her night nurses for a little after her first birthday and tackle weaning during the day first! Feel like it'll be a challenge weaning her day feedings but I'm cherishing these next month or so since our breastfeeding journey will end!! Good luck to you and your little guy :)

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  • I feel the same...I'm undecided. I feel the my little dude feeds more than ever. Maybe because his day feedings are short since he's so busy exploring. And he does 2-3 feedings at night...and I can feel him really eating (I can really feel the let down) and I feel bad to take that away from him. Cuz I know he's not waking and eating just because. You know? I planned on just doing for a year...maybe a year and half. He's been setting the pace.
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