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3rd Trimester.. Be Honest.. Bringing home newborn!

So my husband and I wanted our babies to be around 2 years apart.  They are going to be 17 months apart! We got our wish a little sooner than expected. My daughter is 14 months old and is finally getting EASY! I have the hang of this and am really enjoying it.  She sleeps from 7pm-6:30am and naps twice during the day.  

HONESTLY... How bad is it going to be when baby#2 arrives? I know I'm going to be instantly in LOVE but I am terrified of the stress.  

Would you say its painfully stressful for 3 months? 6 months? When does it get better/manageable? 

I'm assuming the first 6 months are going to be very very hard.  I know that my girls are going to be sooo close and I'm so excited that they will have forever playmates.  I am just scared about not sleeping and not having enough hands! 

Re: 3rd Trimester.. Be Honest.. Bringing home newborn!

  • My sons are 16 months apart and it was tough at the beginning. Thankfully my older one was pretty independent and able to feed himself, that was helpful when I was feeding the younger one. The best thing you and your husband can do is divide and conquer. For the first month or so, I took care of the little one at bed time and my husband had our oldest, now I can take care of both at the same time. It gets easier over time and how the two interact with each other.
  • 5 months was the turning point for us. DS started sitting up, I could bathe the kids together and I got the hang of leaving the house with 2 by then.

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  • Thanks for your input! I just purchased a Kindle book.. 2 under 2! It's helping me mentally prepare! 
  • My first set are 11 months apart, then I have a 4 year gap, and now my second set are 15 months apart. The hardest part has been the jealousy issues with my #3 when she seemed to realize that she was no longer the baby of the family. Now that she's adjusted (baby #4 is 5 months old) things have eased up. Baby boy sleeping more at night has helped immensely as well. 6 months is probably a fair timeframe to keep in mind ... It being summer and us being able to go out more is an advantage. Being cooped up at home w two (or more) little little ones is not helpful. That's my 2 cents anyways! Best of luck :)
  • I would say I started getting into a groove in the 4th month. And I was pleasantly surprised month 1 was so easy since my #2 slept 20+ hrs a day. My 1st was wide awake from the get go!
  • Mine are 25 and 14 mos apart. I found that the most difficult part with the two that were 14mos apart was that the 4 month and 18 month sleep regressions occurred at the same time (starting on vacation no less). It was a horrible month for me. Surprisingly, the first few months were not bad at all.
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  • My first two are 13 months apart. It took about 8 weeks to adjust but yes it was difficult. My next was 18 months younger followed by twins 16 months after that. It gets easier but just expect a little extra chaos. I put the the baby in a bouncer in a pack n play to keep it safer from little toddler hands. It works pretty well and also baby wear a lot :) we are having our sixth in September which will bring us to six six and under. This is our biggest spacing of 21.5 months.
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    Honestly it was not hard at all. My first two are 24 months apart, my second and third are 19 months apart, my fourth will be born when my third is 3. It gets easier but my kids luckily never had jealousy. I also made sure to have one on one time with my eldest when baby was sleeping. Routine and schedule will help a lot. Like the two kids taking naps at the same time etc.
  • My friend wrote this and it is fantastic advice! She's added to her family a few times so she knows what she's talking about. 3months.
  • Mine are 21 months a part and the first 5 wks were tough but that was mainly because I was nursing and learned I wasn't producing enough.  I thought I just had an unhappy baby but he was just hungry so when we got that taken care of things got soooo much better.  He became a happier baby which meant I was a happier mommy.  #1 is a great big brother (gets impatient now and then) but generally very very good so that helps a ton.  Just give yourself an extra 15 min in planning to go anywhere in case you get held up with something so then you don't get too flustered.  I personally hate being late!  Good luck.
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