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  • Mommy twice over to an angel baby in heaven and the one currently growing in my tummy. Due March 26 2016. My favorite words are "allons-y" and "illumination".
  • Hello! This is my second baby. I'm due March 26th, but have a scheduled csection march 19th. Hoping to make it that far as I had some major complications with my first at 35weeks.

    We are due the same day! Hooray 10 weeks today!
  • Hello March 2016 moms! I've been thinking about introducing myself for awhile now but wasn't sure what to say or where. I figured the Welcome to March 2016 might be a good spot. This is me and DH first baby and we could not be more excited! So, I'm at 12 weeks and the past few have been rough. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks before we left for a four week backpacking trip through Europe. While I have so enjoyed this vacation, I am absolutely exhausted! We head home tomorrow and I am so excited. I am having trouble deciding when to announce to the world we are expecting. It's killing me not to tell people as soon as we get home but my husband wants to wait until I have one more doctors appointment. Anyways, I am so excited to have a community to talk through my struggles and triumphs with!

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  • Gyrate. Makes me giggle :)

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    Hey everyone my name is Montana im offically 11 weeks and 4 days today almost done this first trimester.. Yessss!!!!! Lol. my due date is March 21st.. Im 25 this is my first baby.. Me and my boyfriend are very excited. Philly is my hometown but i cant wait to move from this place..lol.. But until then i will enjoy the cheese steaks.. Too bad this pregnancy has turned me away from my sweet peppers. But i can still enjoy hot peppers weird.. My 12 week ultrasound is coming up supper excited sept 9th cant come fast enough..Wish all the mothers a healthy pregnancy..
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  • *lurking* I'm from April BMB and can I just say omg. We NEED this post in April BMB there is so much info here that has unraveled my confusion of some things and this would be so incredibly helpful to the ladies who are new. Is there Any way a version of this can be posted is April???!
  • LadyDuby said:

    *lurking* I'm from April BMB and can I just say omg. We NEED this post in April BMB there is so much info here that has unraveled my confusion of some things and this would be so incredibly helpful to the ladies who are new. Is there Any way a version of this can be posted is April???!

    Copy paste and alter?
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    My name is Sam, my husband and I live in the greater Los Angeles area and we are so excited for baby #1, due March 27th. We told close family around 8 weeks, friends and work at about 11 weeks as I was already showing. Looking forward to this exciting yet slightly terrifying journey!! Favorite words: Apropos and Seriously
  • I'm march 19 th
  • How do you delete comments that you posted yourself?
  • How do you delete comments that you posted yourself?

    You can't.
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    Snuggle Is a wonderful word.

    I'm 32. This is my 6th pregnancy, 4th baby. I'm 13weeks and due on March 24th (6 days after my birthday). Weeks 6-12 were extremely rough and tumble, but things are looking great now.
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  • Hi, first time posting anything!!! This is our first baby. Me and my hubby are from the uk in cumbria. Our due date is the 3/3/16 which is 4 days before my 30th!!!
  • Buttle- what butlers do!
  • Can't decide between esophagus or interrobang...
  • Buttle- what butlers do!
    This is my DH's favorite word... he can't stop laughing anytime I say it.  For some reason I happen to say it a lot.
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    Testing out my signature! Haven't been on here in years but we are having our 3rd baby so I thought I would give it a try again :)

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  • Racecar.....because it's a palindrome (same spelled backwards and forwards).

    My husband and I are due with out first child on 3/31 (or 4/1-keeps changing). We live in Orange County, CA and we are hoping for some cool weather soon! :) 
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  • Blubber... Just want to say it again... BLUBB-er!
  • Hello ladies.
    I'm new around here!
    I'm Brittany, mom to a 5 1/2 yr old boy and a 2 year old girl. Expecting a baby boy 3/22/16. I'm from Arizona Phoenix metro area.
  • Hello everyone. I'm a bit new to the site, I actually found the site months ago but I never knew about the boards. Just a little info about me my name is Denisha, I'm 26 I live in bethel, ct and my due date is March 14th. This is my first pregnancy and my boyfriend my family and I couldn't be more excited. Three years ago my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was in remission until about 8 months ago. My dad and mom have been asking me to have a baby for about a year so when I found out the news I was extremely excited to tell them. The weekend I planned on telling them I was about 9 weeks (although I found out at 5) I figured I'd wait until I had another appt. anyway my mom was visiting my grandparents (my grandpa is sick as well) so I spent the whole weekend with my dad pestering my boyfriend and I to have a baby. The moment my mom got back we revealed the ultrasound and they couldn't have been more excited. Although my dad was a little mad that I didn't tell him right away I explained I couldn't tell him without my mom. He got over that quickly and had been extremely supportive since. I get a call about every two days sometimes everyday checking on what I've eaten and seeing how I'm feeling. Well uhh I think that's all I've got for now, I'm looking forward to chatting with you ladies !
  • Trying to lay off sweets as I'm battling a UTI, but I want to make brownies. Bad.
  • Life... such a little word means soooo much!
  • Bubbles....idk don't really have a favorite word :) but happy to join the group
  • hi im due march 29th !! so excited we are having a baby girl
  • I just want to say hi on here real quick. I'm actually due April 1st so I'm in the April 2016 Mom board, but April 1st is so borderline, and if my baby is anything like me, he'll be born early. Just from lurking, you people seem a lot nicer than some of the April moms. This is my first pregnancy, it's a boy, and everything is going great so far. I have a lot of stress to deal with, though, and we'll be moving right before the baby comes, and I hear a lot about how such things can lead to premature labor. I was born in March, too, and I was three weeks early, so I expect I may just visit this board a lot since there's such a good chance of my baby being either a March or April child.

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