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Been meaning to write this post for a while, since I had my baby in February. But with a LO at home, getting things accomplished is easier said than done!

Centerpoint was awesome (for the most part)! I was induced so we had a scheduled time to come in. We came in right at shift change so one nurse started my IV and then another finished it. This was one of my only gripes. Because two different nurses attempted it, three hours later it had to be re-done correctly. My labor and delivery nurse I had all day was AMAZING! Answered any questions promptly, got me anything I needed promptly...she was awesome. Being a FTM, she was really great about talking me through everything. Plus, she was awesome about keeping a pushy, nosy family member out of the room when we just wanted rest :)

Once LO was out and we moved to the other side, the awesome nursing didn't stop. All those lists about bringing all this stuff with you to the hospital? If you plan on delivering at Centerpoint, don't worry about bringing much. They had everything I could have needed and even gave me extras of stuff to take home. Really all we needed was the baby's outfit, clothes for me and Dad and the car seat. Oh I will say bring a hair dryer if you want it because they didn't have that :) I really wasn't too concerned by that though.
So my only other gripe was this - it's posted in several places in the baby area that after a certain time at night, it's only the baby, mom and dad overnight in the room for quiet sake. The people in the room next to ours decided to ignore that rule and keep their toddler overnight with them. I'm cool with that, who knows, they may have not had access to child care. But what I'm not cool with is when said toddler wakes up the entire floor by screaming bloody murder because you won't let him watch TV at 2am. Epic temper tantrum! You not only woke me and DH up, but you woke my 4 hr old child up. This didn't happen just once, it happened two nights in a row. We spoke with the floor manager about it when she came by and if something was said to the other parents, it must not have registered.

However, even that couldn't tarnish the great experience we had. The Drs, nurses and staff were all great. We sent them a snack basket and card afterward to thank them. Centerpoint sometimes gets a bad rap on their hospital services but I will say their labor and delivery department was top notch!

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    Thank you so much for your post :) I will be delivering at Centerpoint in a few months and it's nice to hear such a great experience.
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