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Areolas gone pale as skin anyone?

Hello August ladies, I usually stay in september but I am a september 1 due date and sometimes the ladies in my group havent gone through what I am going through so I am asking you guys! Thursday night when I pulled my shirt up to lotion I noticed my left areola - not the nipple nipple stayed dark- was as pale as my skin with a ring around it that was dark like my areola previously was. To the touch it was slightly harder than my right areola which was mostly the same dark its been but with a small patch that looked like it was getting pale. The next morning I looked and they had both gone pale but not to the extent that my left one was the night before. During the day the areolas were itchy but not to an extent that would make me nervous and i would get some small pains in the nipples but again nothing as uncomfortable as some pains during the first trimester. I called my OB and they said they had not heard of this happening, usually areolas just get dark during pregnancy. They said because it had happened to both they weren't concerned. If I got a fever or the breast got really hot and very painful then they wanted me to come in. I just wanted to know if anyone had something like this happen to them? I'm 29 weeks tomorrow if this helps anyone remember

Re: Areolas gone pale as skin anyone?

  • Mine have always stayed dark. That's pretty interesting though. Have you googled it?
  • When I googled it it was only baby forum answers. I couldn't find anything like web md type answers. I was super scared though, my immediate thought was omg my boobs infected with something lol
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    No idea... Try speaking with a lactation consultant or La Leche League they may have experienced this or know someone since they mostly deal with the boobs! Good luck!
  • I wouldn't think infection, usually there's a fever with those. If your doc isn't worried, it's probably just some freak hormonal thing.
  • thank you ladies, great suggestion @Thj417
  • Nope... Mine are dark and HUGE!

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  • @ann_jeremiah lol mine are quite a bit bigger than they started out too! Right now the areola are a rosy skin color. Not dark or even brownish like they used to be. I have another MD appointment on next thursday and I'll have her give em a look just to make me feel better!
  • I've never heard of that happening before! I'm really genuinely intrigued. Keep us updated, please! I hope you find out what causes this, and not just because I'm really curious.
  • Mine look lighter but I think it's because the outer part of them that is getting bigger is the only part that's dark. Mine also got dry and itchy and sort of peeled like a sun burn would. I'm sure we are normal! I haven't asked my doctor nor am I overly concerned about it either.
  • @ashleykhansen , I think the reason I got super freaked out was because it was originally the left one and it was soo pale I thought I had something crazy wrong with me- im a little bit of a hypochondriac! I felt ten times better the next morning being pretty much even toned between the both of them. I had the itching and dryness with some peeling on the areola too! Yes at this point I'm feeling much better and normal. thank you for your vote of confidence! You all have been really helpful and supportive.
  • I had something similar happen just before they got dark. They were a very pale pink, then they seemed to get dry. Now they have a dark brown circle around them. Husband calls them coffee cup rings. As if it wasn't awkward enough! Lol
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    I was starting to think I was the only one because I heard that they get large and dark...mine got large and light with a dark ring. The doc examined me for a different reason and didn't seem phased by my weird nipples, so I am not worried about it. All of our bodies are different, but the doctor is the best one to ask when you feel concerned...that is what they are there for
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