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OBGYN suggestions? Columbia, SC

Hey y'all. My husband is moving up to Columbia, SC and I'll be following him in a couple of months. I'm in Florida now and love my current obgyn practice - only two doctors, hospital affiliated and I always see my doctor - never just a nurse. They also specialize in high risk pregnancy (I've had prior MCs- and they were my doctors during that tough time) So I'm really nervous about finding a practice in Cola to use. Any suggestions out there?

I'm looking for a compassionate practice with doctors thay have a really good relationship with their patients and experience in high risk.

Re: OBGYN suggestions? Columbia, SC

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    I use Columbia Womens Healthcare. They are right next to baptist hospital and have been great with me so far. I'm not sure if they have experience in high risk, but it makes sense that they would have that experience.
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    I use Lexington Women's Care next to Lexington Medical Center and love them! I've been with them for years and have never had an issue. Welcome to the area!

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  • Lexington Women's Care is great! I use the midwives but they also have doctors and it's a great place.
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  • I use Dr. Thomas Austin from Sandhills Women's Care.  He has an office in Columbia and one right next to Lexington Medical Center.  He has been amazing.  I'm high-risk, and he came highly recommended by 5 ladies I know, including my cousin who's had him deliver both of her children... Her first was vaginal and her child could have died but Dr. Austin was amazing and calmly handled the situation, and she had a c-section with her second.

    We've all had fantastic experiences with him.
  • I agree with pp, Sandhills women's care is the best around. I've seen Dr. Austin, Dr. Linfert and Dr. Johnson and I've enjoyed all of them. They all are very attentive and seem to be genuinely interested in your concerns and preferences.
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  • I’m at Richland and they specialize in high risk pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy there but I’ve spoke to another mama whose been seen there and we both agree that they are great. Hope you find an OB that works for you and your family! 
  • I go to Dr. Fisher with Prisma Richland. As the highest level NICU in the area, it felt like a sensible choice for my high risk pregnancy. LMC and Prisma Parkridge are admittedly nicer facilities, but I am very comfortable with how detailed Dr. Fisher and her staff are.
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