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Trying to Get Pregnant

Welcome, New Members!

Hi, New TTGP Bumpies!

Welcome to TTGP, where you can connect with other members just like you who are also trying to get pregnant. To help you feel right at home on this board, we’ve compiled the top tips straight from the community to guide you.

TTGP Board Etiquette:

1. Read through active posts to get a feel for our community and the kinds of discussions happening here.

2. Mostly likely, someone has asked your question before.  The search function is very helpful. It allows you to quickly find threads about specific topics and find members having similar experiences. But, we all want to hear from you, too! When you want the community’s feedback on your personal experiences or specific concerns, feel free to start a new discussion.

3. Say hello! It’s always proper to introduce yourself when you first begin participating in the community.

4. Create a new thread with a quick intro about yourself when you are ready to join in the conversation.

5. Keep an open mind and remember that everyone really is here to support each other. Everyone here is rooting for you on your journey to get pregnant! Members who have the best experiences here give their support and get support in return.

6. The community is a place to converse with others like you. Avoid posting a question and then going quiet after receiving answers.  It is always nice to thank those members who offered advice and support.

7. Do not post pictures of pregnancy tests.

8. Avoid listing symptoms and asking the community if you are pregnant. The best way to know if you are pregnant (and to keep your stress levels down) is to take a test and consult with your doctor.

We look forward to seeing you on the board and hope you build strong relationships like so many members on this board have in the past.
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