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I need HELP

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I'm 36 weeks and 4 days! I'm 3 centimeters dilated and I'm seriously ready to have my baby! I can be induced in two weeks but my body just hurts all the time now! I need tips, if their is any, to start labor. I was at the hospital about 5 days ago with early labor but it stop at 3 centimeters. What can I do to start my labor?

Re: I need HELP

  • Why do you want to go into labor early? I'm totally new to this whole pregnancy thing, but it seems like you have a few more weeks to go.
  • Have you had an amino to confirm that your baby's lungs are mature? A good friend had her son at 37 weeks (labor started unexpectedly) and he was in the NICU for two weeks!


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  • 36 weeks is too early to get real worked up about not being in labor yet!  I have had 8 children and my shortest pregnancy was 41 weeks and the longest went a full 14 days past my due date.  I have had babies well into the 10 lb and 11 lb range!!! I know that pregnancy can be a bit uncomfortable....but its all a part of the process.  Your hips will hurt, you won't be able to catch your breath, you will near pass out every time you bend over.  Your feet will swell. You may get hemorrhoids.  I could go on all day. 

    THere is no secret "this will throw you body into labor" trick.  If you are not are not ready.  Pictocin may.....or may not.....start your labor early.  The earlier you attempt to be induced the more likely it will fail and you will end up miserable during the process and have a C section. 

    My tip, from a woman who has been there many many times!!! is this.....keep yourself busy.  Find things to do around the house that you have been putting cleaning the carpets or washing the blinds or painting your bathroom...things like that.  ALso find other things to do that you might enjoy...getting a manicure, a massage, visiting a local sightseeing place or little shop you haven't been able to make it into yet.  Work on your hobbies or learn a new try your hand at knitting or sewing.  Make something for your little one.  Keeping busy distracts you from the discomforts and makes you feel like you are not just sitting around waiting for something to happen.  It gives you pride of accomplishment. 
  • Thanks! I will take the advise. I'm a first time mom and I'm just getting really worked up!
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    The reason I want to go in labor so badly is honestly the people around me! My mother-in-law wants me to go into labor so bad it's killing her! She tells me stories everyday! I mean, I'm sure a part of me is definitely ready for my body to just feel better, but it's just apart of life, and the most indescribable, best feeling in the world, is to know I have god's greatest gift right inside of me! :x
  • Yes I am exactly 1 week away from my due date and I'm pretty uncomfortable, not gonna lie. Pretty much everything cneiding said - my hips hurt, my back hurts, my bump hurts, my crotch hurts!

    But - I would not try to induce labor either medically or using any 'home' remedies until I reach 40 weeks. Definitely not at 37 weeks unless it was medically warranted (danger to your health or baby's).

    I sympathize, I really do! But there is still development happening even in these weeks that benefit baby to stay cooking till they are ready.

    Try to keep yourself busy, or try to enjoy your last weeks as much as possible. I've noticed that while I may be uncomfortable, if I go slowly I do feel fairly good when taking walks, or puttering around farmers markets tasting samples. ;) Also, if you belong to a gym with a pool, get your butt into that pool and swim. It's heavenly.
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  • I had my baby a little over a week ago. These ladies can attest to my multiple posts about being ready to have him and all the pain I was in with my back/legs.

    Nothing worked for me. I did clary sage oil in the insides of my ankles. I got a massage and had them hit every labor point. I did three pedicures with heavy massage. He came one day before his due date and both of my previous kids were early!! The baby will come when he/she wants to come. The thing that helped me most was just finally accepting that and trying to relax.
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  • I'll be 36 weeks on Saturday.  Up until now, I have felt pretty good.  Sadly, that has changed, lol.  My feet are swollen and my heels hurt like hell.  I am sure some of that has to do with me being on my feet too long.  (We just moved into a new house and I can't seem to take it easy.)  I wimper in bed at night, even though I don't realize it.  Fiance came to bed late last night and I was sweating like crazy. (He was concerned.)

    I get where you're coming from.  I am ready to be done as well.  But, I just gotta hang in there til Chloe is ready to join us.  I will say that I am almost happy to have all this happening because I am hoping it will make me happy to go into labor rather than scared.  (This is my first baby.)

    Hang in there.  The previous posters have given some really good advice.  Good luck!
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  • take this time to learn to ignore people's advice and pressure because if they are pressuring you into trying to have your baby now....its not going to stop once the baby is born!  There will be so much unwanted advice and pressure once that baby gets here!  THey will tell you how they did things certain ways like 30 and 40 years ago and their kids were fine so you should ignore current medical advice and wisedom and do it their way.  You will never have your child dressed right...they should have on a hat or sweater or they have on too much clothing etc.  They need water.  They need cereal in a bottle.  etc etc etc. 
  • The only one that knows when you're ready is your baby, and family and friends will just have to get used to being a little disappointed when it comes to baby- I'm having my fourth and I've learned that staying patient is a hard but necessary lesson when it comes to raising children.
    That said, there are some ways to naturally enduce labor at home, but the risks need to be heavily considered before trying anything. Acupressure can work, as can drinking castor oil, but learning to live around you're little one's schedule is a lesson you can never learn too soon. If you're really concerned because of outside pressure from others than my suggestion would be to wait it out as long as possible, no one that truly cares would ever want the health of your baby to be negatively effected.
    Good luck, the last few days/weeks are always the hardest to get through.
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