Twins? would have 4 kids?

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Greetings -

I currently have two beautiful girls (ages 4 and 2) which I was able to carry naturally.  Unfortunately, i'm unable to have any more children.  But we are going thru with IVF and having a surrogate.  Our transfer date is almost here!  we are so excited! 

We are thinking about going for twins....would we be crazy to intentionally try for twins and have 4 children in 5 years?  We are on the fence!

I love the idea of having 4 kids....but our life would be crazy!  when would things 'calm' down (about as much as they could possibly calm down anyways).  2-3 years?

Just stick to 3 kids or go for the craziness of 4!?

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Re: Twins? would have 4 kids?

  • i have a 4yo boy and 6yo girl and im due with twin boys in oct. i know its gonna be hectic but worth it.
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    I have a 3 yo boy and a 2 yo girl and am having twins. I was planning on 3, but was surprised when the doctor told me there were 2. My son will be 4 the month before they are due. I am sure it will be crazy but am excited to have them all close. So, I say go for it!
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  • Thank you both!

    I'm really feeling like it will be worth I! Right now it's so hectic with two and i'm sure would be nuts but then again I think it would be 4 years of crazy and then it would be all over with before you know it.

    I'm game, the husband it the one who is debating!

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  • Well since I have 20 month old twins I can say twin newborns are no joke. Doable of course but with 2 other children it's going to be NUTS and I hope you have a lot of help locally. 

    And just because you transfer 2 embryos doesn't mean they will both stick. And if you put 2 in are you prepared for one or both of them to split and turn into spontaneous triplets or quads? A handful of moms in my multiples club have triplets that way. 

    Just a few things to really think about if you'd be ok if it happened. Good luck!
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  • No advice on how it'll actually go, but if you go that route you're not alone ! I have a 4 year old and three year old with twins on the way!
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  • We went from 2 kids to 4 kids with the addition of the twins. I say go for four-you will survive! :)
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  • only you can decide that. Our daughter was 16 months old when the triplets were born. We made it work
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  • Have you discussed this with your surrogate?  Because having a singleton pregnancy is TOTALLY different than a twin pregnancy.  Is she agreeable to a twin pregnancy- there are many risks/complications that happen more frequently in a mulitples pregnancy.  Such as high blood pressure, incomplete cervix, bedrest, preterm delivery....etc These are things that could endanger her and affect her life/work.

    Honestly if you have no infertility diagnosis and your surrogate is young and healthy, I would only transfer one.  After all the real goal for a RE is A healthy baby not to make twins. I would side eye a RE that stated that as a goal for the transfer.
  • 14 weeks with twins. Will make 6 kids for us!
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    No to be the odd one out but I think you are being selfish from reading your post. While twins are a complete blessing, especially when struggling with IF, it should never be the goal. It seems from your post that you are uneducated on the risks to babies and the women when carrying twins. This pregnancy has been very complicated and I have been at risk (babies are good, di/di). Of course you will do what you want but this needs to be a frank conversation with your family, the doctor and surrogate.
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  • Did you have the transfer yet? How did it go? What did you decide? Our surrogate is pregnant with twins. This was our second cycle. The first time we also transferred 2 embryos, but neither "stuck". Good luck!
  • While I don't think you're being selfish (we're all a little selfish, right?), I can give you some perspective from this side of things.  
    I have 15 month old twins and they are truly a blessing.  I wouldn't change a thing.  However...

    We're about to go through our first FET in about 4 weeks and we're only transferring one.  Why?  Because I've seen waaaaay too many complications and losses from twin pregnancies and I'm not about to take that risk intentionally.  Twin pregnancies are hard on Moms, hard on babies, and a good majority of them end up as preemies with other early health complications.  'Trying' for twins is not something I could recommend in good conscience.  I consider myself lucky.  Bedrest and 2, 34 weekers with no remaining health complications.  This is sadly not always the case.  Good luck!
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