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hi there!!

I'm 27 weeks and having a girl in September. Trying to see what names are trending or popular here in Indiana. My son is named Henry and I feel like I hear his name a lot! We like traditional names, but wanted to hear what everyone was thinking.

Re: BaBy names

  • We went with Lillian. It's more popular than we wanted but it was the name that fit her best.
  • i love the name Rowan
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  • Rose! Or James.
  • Our boy name option is Henry Rowan! I love it 
  • I feel like the names Aliyah, Noah, Liam, Mia, Callie, Amelia, & Ava are all sooo popular here. 
  • We're due in late July and if it's a girl, naming Frances or Evelyn (likely to be semi-popular). I looked at the 2018 most popular girls names and the predictions for what was likely to rise in popularity 2019 predictions for help eliminating the too popular names.
  • Our 4 year old is named Clara and 2 year old Evelyn. We haven't come across any Clara's yet, but Evie is one of 2 Evelyn's in her class!
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