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TMI? BFing and Nipple Pinching

Seeing if someone can help me with this because seriously, wtf. My daughter is almost 14 months and still BFing a few times a day. Recently, she's started to unlatch after a few minutes and just grab my nips and twist them with the force of an angry wildebeest. She has a sly little smile on her face when she does it, so I'm pretty sure she's looking for a reaction, which I try not to give, but which is difficult because of the obvious. I've also tried to sternly tell her "NO," which, of course, launches her into a full-on screamfest for a few minutes (she doesn't seem to enjoy that word). 

My question is more so about what may be causing this -- I'm worried it could mean she's angry about something, like my supply is dwindling (though it doesn't appear so when I pump). Or, maybe she's mad it's not flowing faster (it would make sense she'd want more quicker now that she's older). Anyone else experience this or have any insight? I'm hoping it's just one of those super fun phases that will pass with time. 

Re: TMI? BFing and Nipple Pinching

  • A co-worker's DD was a nipple pinching and twister and my co-worker allowed this. Last I knew her DD still doing this at 2 yo. My DS would reach out on occasion but I am sooooo sensitive that I cover up the "idle" breast. When he was persistent at 17 mos, I'd present a stuffed animal or toy: "You can pinch this [the stuffed animal or toy]" since I am not one to say "no". If he were to persist I would calmly stop BFing until he accepted my friendly but firm terms. GL!

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  • My son does this sometimes ...and I tell him NO and if he continues I will take him off the breast and he will be done nursing! Maybe try a teething necklace! Something for her to play with! My son now likes to grab and bunch up my shirt and play with it! 
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  • Its a natural reflex. Older babies and toddlers do this to stimulate the milk to come down faster.
    Have you tried distraction with a nursing necklace or roy she can play with instant of your nipple?
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    My DD would pinch the fire out of the nipple she was not nursing from. I had to cover the nipple that she was not nursing from with my hand at all times to keep her from pinching. Now that she is no longer nursing she will try to pinch my nipples, espically when she's trying to fall asleep. I just keep my hand there and tell her not to punch. After several months of persistence she hardly ever tries to pinch anymore.
  • My son would nurse from one side and pinch and twist the other side. sometimes the only thing that worked was covering my nipple with my hand so he couldn't grab it. If he was just playing an not nursing I would tell him no and put my boobs away.
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