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Not interested in bottles (formula)

Any other mommies out there with an 8 month old baby not into drinking bottles anymore? My daughter eats all kinds of fruit and veggie blends, yogurt and proteins but it's a struggle to get her to drink. Barely getting what her doctor recommends for formula intake. Am I alone in this?

Re: Not interested in bottles (formula)

  • My son used to drink 4- 4 Oz bottles at daycare now he only drinks 2 - 3 Oz. He's 8 months. He does eat 3 Baby food meals a day now.
  • Totally know this situation. My 8 month old won't take the bottle no more. Actually for the last 2 months. Luckily I'm breastfeeding too. It seems like he forgot how to handle the bottle. Made the introduction to the sippy cup easier tho.
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  • I'm in the exact same boat, still breast feeding my 9-month-old but it's a no go when it comes to bottles. I worry about beginning the weening process. I worry she won't get what she needs as far as liquids. She's ok with sippy cups but still needs work.
  • I just came on here to ask this very same question! My 9month old is taking in nowhere near her normal formula amount, and just spits it out and pushes it away, whether from a sippy cup or a bottle. Hoping to figure out how to make sure she's getting everything she needs still!

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