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Fighting the bottle

My LO is 7 months old today, and he has been fighting the bottle for months now. He has been on formula since he was one week old, and did fine for the first few months, but starting around 18 weeks, he starting fighting us every time we gave him a bottle. We went through a few good weeks in the last month and I thought he may finally be over it, but now we are back to it. He clamps his mouth shut and refuses to drink. And then the uncontrollable crying and squirming out of my arms starts. I've moved to the highest flow nipple, which helps a little, but not enough. Sometimes I can't get more than 4 oz in him at a time.. and that's even after he sleeps 12 hours at night without eating! We are working on sippy cups, but he isn't good enough yet to actually use them to get more than an ounce or so at a time. I'm lucky to get 18-20 oz of milk in him each day including what I put in his cereal - on a good day. I know he isn't getting enough fluids, but I have no idea what else to do! He almost completely refuses to take a bottle from anyone but me, and I work 2 days a week, so my mom can only get maybe 8 oz in him the whole time I'm at work.  He loves solid food and eats it well. But he hates the milk. I always make sure to offer him the bottle before he even sees the food, but sometimes I have to give up and give him food just to make sure he gets calories of some sort. I've tried other bottles and nipples with no luck. He's on a gentle formula for his stomach and I've tried Enfamil and a couple of different store brands. I'm so frustrated and worried about him. Does anyone have any other suggestions or is anyone else having any problems like this? 

Re: Fighting the bottle

  • That does sound frustrating. I'm at a loss as far as advice goes.

    Have you asked the Pedi or told your Pedi about this problem?

  • Sorry to hear that it's been so complicated! I feel for you. My son barely takes a bottle. Now at 6 months, he's getting better. I was wondering if you've tried mixing his solid food with formula so that he gets the extra nutrition? Does he take water? Wishing you all the best.
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