IS teaching kids manners really that important?

My sister and I recently got into a friendly debate and I'd love your take.

I do not teach my child to say thank you or send thank you cards for presents received.

I do however teach my child to give old toys that I buy to charity when finished with them. 

My sister says this is valuable to do, but manners are equally as important. She also says it makes people not want to buy gifts as it reflects poorly on me.

What do you think??

Re: IS teaching kids manners really that important?

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    Manners and generosity are both important. Send thank you notes... They might not notice if you don't, but they will def notice if you do!
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    We definitely teach our girls to say please and thank you. Yes ma'am/sir and No ma'am/sir. These little things matter to us :)
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    Highly important.  I don't expect thank you cards in the mail, but a phone call to say thank you for a gift, etc. if I'm not there in person to be thanked is a must.  I've stopped gift giving to teens in the family when they can't be bothered acknowledging them any more (with a reason why - they were told, no thank you, no more gifts, and I stuck to it when the next gift wasn't acknowledged).  Younger children can't help what their parents don't teach, mind you.
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    Kids need to learn that from an early age. It's disrespectful, in my opinion, for a child to not say their please and thank you's. I realize they're young, but it's very important for us as parents to teach our children social responsibility. It's very nice that you and your sister can respectfully disagree on things!
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    This cannot be real. 

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    I cannot imagine why anyone would intentionally not teach their children basic manners.
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    Is this a trick question?

    You don't think it's important to say please, and thank you, and you're welcome, and express gratitude?

    I'm with your sister on this one - you don't teach your child to acknowledge kindness/thoughtfulness in others, they're going to grow up to at least seem like a spoiled, entitled, unappreciative brat.
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    Oh God, are you trolling this board now too ?
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    I'm confused. Is this a joke? Obviously please and thank you's are important. That's almost like telling him not to use utensils when he eats.
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    Who knows, but this lady has trolled several times asking questions like this.  
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