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teething what to do and not do?! Any recommendations ?!

Hylands or Tylenol For teething baby?! My LO bottom two teeth fine no problem, but not he is being irritable and won't sleep the night. All he wants me to do is carry him and nurse. More like soothing himself. :-/

Re: teething what to do and not do?! Any recommendations ?!

  • my girl is teething right now, we have used tylenol with little to no effect, we tried the numbing gel you put on their gums, no effect at all. but Hylands teething tablets have helped! - i only give them to her at night, they also help make her drowsy. 
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  • Mine got all four on top at once!! It was a rough two weeks, but the Hyland tablets help. Also the nuby key ring that you can put in the freezer. I also got one of those mesh Popsicle type bag things and put in slices of frozen banana.
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  • i give my lo motrin and it works wonders for my lo. and i put watermelon in little teething sacs and that helps alot because its cold
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