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When are you telling friends?

We are only 8 weeks and my friends are already supicious that something up. I'm curious is you are waiting until 12 weeks. I'm definatly not telling work until I'm showing.

Re: When are you telling friends?

  • I'm waiting until like 14 weeks. I had a miscarriage in March and I cannot go through untelling people again. My mom doesn't even know yet.
  • reishiareishia member
    Our close friends know because we are overseas always from family so this is our family away from home. And our parents and siblings know. Everyone else we have decided to announce on Father's Day 4 days shy of 12 weeks.
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  • I wait until it's so obvious, I can't deny it anymore. Both of my other pregnancies we waited until 14 or 15 weeks to tell my family. We'll try to do the same this time, but I show early and big- so it's going to be really tough to hide. Right now only my best friend knows.
  • Welcome!

    There is actually a thread about who knows and when you'll tell on the first page here. Feel free to join in there.
  • Thank you all!
  • Hi! I can't seem to find the tread. Is it in this app?
  • SovvySovvy member
    I've told my closest girlfriends but everyone else gets to know when I can't hide it anymore. After my late loss I'm very protective over my news.

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  • I told my family that live close to me. As for telling Facebook and other family members I feel it's safer to wait. Congrats! I'm a week behind ya
  • Em208Em208 member
    We're telling my son (4) and parents at 8 week scan…We'll tell everyone else as we see them after we've cleared the 12 weeks. I'm terrified of losing the baby and don't wanna deal with having to repeat the bad news over and over should the worst happen. 
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  • I have told all my family and friends but haven't informed my work yet. Whoever said to not say anything until you are 12 weeks incase of miscarriage is MEAN! Who is that protecting? I have miscarried before and made the mistake of not telling anyone. I felt alone and would have welcomed the support of others.
  • Between 12-14 weeks. I'm not into pity partys if have a Spontaneous AB.
  • We always tell at 12 weeks although I have told my 3 close friends.  

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  • roziekroziek member
    This is my first pregnancy and I'm going to NY to visit my family next week (I'll be 9 wks) and I plan to tell them all! I agree, God forbid I had a mc it will be nice to have support!
  • I told my parents, my mil, and a couple of close friends. Everyone else, including siblings, will find out after the first ultrasound.
  • I was going to make the announcement shortly after my second ultrasound, when I am 13 weeks. But some ex roomies have decided upon themselves that they need to comment and post on all of my online feeds asking how I'm feeling or if I'm showing yet. I had half a nerve to yell at them. I will tell the world when I AM READY. Not when you decide to open your freakin mouths. People.... Rant over. Sorry ladies... :/
  • I'll tell them if and when I get to second tri.
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