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"Sadurday" thoughts?

as im sure most of you have noticed that i feel like crap pretty much all the time lately.

so.. i was wondering what you guys do when youre feeling down and emotionally under the weather.

Re: "Sadurday" thoughts?

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  • Doing something productive (but not requiring a ton of energy!) helps give me a kick in the ole self-esteem. Something that is just for me, like reorganizing part of MY closet, or getting around to writing that blog entry. Or reading a book that has nothing to do with baby, but everything to do with sci-fi/romance/intrigue, or whatever genre you like. Fanfiction online always makes me happy, too.

    Can you go for a short walk? Or do some prenatal stretching, followed by a relaxing bath? Bonus if you can bring a yummy tray of snacks and set them by your bath side, and read the book in the tub.

    YouTube videos or Netflix are good, too.
    (Watching people getting surprised with puppies on Christmas morning can make you smile for hours!)
  • Sammy KSammy K member
    Some days it feels like a death spiral. I also have a list of go-to activities, but most I can't do during pregnancy. Besides journaling, sometimes music helps. I also like to garden, so getting my hands dirty and tending to plants usually lifts my mood.

    If there's a specific issue or person, writing a letter you'll never send can also help. I've written angry letters to my mom and hopeful letters to my LO. And I've written letters to DH because sometimes saying the words out loud is just too damn hard. Then he knows where my head is and if I need a hug or a bath or just some alone time. I hope you find your thing! Hugs to you, you're not alone.
  • I go outside. Sometimes just driving to the water or somewhere pretty nature wise (I am not a nature person) even for 10 minutes clears my head and gives me that extra boost I need. I'm a slug on the couch most days so I need something to break the cycle otherwise it's really easy to get down.
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  • With kids, I like to drive up the canyon. I like to go to Sundance resort and walk around.

    Without kids: Nap
  • A combo of exercise and outdoors works wonders for me.
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