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Annoying Things You're Tired of Hearing....


Re: Annoying Things You're Tired of Hearing....

  • tayzavtayzav member
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    "You really need to tone it down with the working out" or "did your doc ok you to hike, run, lift, ect? I don't want want happened last time to happen again." (Referring to a MMC I had in November). Umm no I don't, do some research and you'll find that working out while pregnant is extremely healthy as long as you listen to your body. I've been doing this for 8 years! I think I've got it!
  • ahowell88 said:

    "I guess you're going to keep trying if this one isn't a girl?" Or "maybe you're finally getting your girl" (We've been blessed with 2 beautiful boys and don't know the sex of the baby yet.) I would honesty be happy either way and for people to just assume that I am just dying for a girl (and incenuating that my boys are less than enough) is just plain rude.

    Totally us exactly!! I hate that people assume my boys aren't enough!

    Also hate the "was it planned" and "your gonna be a busy momma" comments!

    No it wasn't planned but that's none Ya bussiness and I already am a busy momma! Lol
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  • I second being fed up with people commenting on what I eat. Just this morning my mom texted me to tell me to splurge on groceries and get all organic/non gmo foods, then texted again to tell me she knows I already know this but just wanted to be sure. Seriously, #imgrown, I will pick out my own foods. 

    Also the comments about not being prepared for what it's going to be like when I'm a mom (this is our first) from parents, friends, even strangers...I'm sick of people saying "oh you won't be doing that anymore once the baby comes." Don't presume to tell me what I will or won't do!! 

    Grrrrrrr! The worst part is I'm sure it will just keep getting worse as my due date approaches. 
  • SarRes08 said:

    Any time I mention feeling sick or tired: "Oh, just wait until the baby it comes. It'll be soooo much worse."

    Me: You are not helping. Shut up.
    Yes, this.

    Also: "You won't be able to keep eating and shopping like that when you have a baby! Trust me!" (We eat organic / GMO free and I make meals from scratch.) This is, of course, from people who don't eat this way at all and never have. Why does my food have to go to shit because I have a baby?
  • "so are you guys done after this one?"

    I've heard this soooooo many times. This will be our third and we may or may not be done, that's nobody's business but ours.

    Omg I hate this too! It is none of your business if I want to have 10 more kids!
  • My youngest will be around 20 months when the new baby arrives. Every single person has said "You're going to have your hands full when the baby comes!"
    Yes, we will be busy and life will be hectic but we really don't need to be reminded.
  • "I'm sorry but you are going to be huge"

    Yes I am showing significantly at 14 weeks, but I've only gained 4 pounds according to the last Dr appointment. I am a petite woman. I don't care how "huge" I get as long as we are both healthy. BEYOND RUDE.
  • LizQ2LizQ2 member
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    jscasher said:

    Reading these makes my blood pressure go up.

    I really can't stand, "sleep now while you can." or, "you are gonna be in for a real wake up call when that baby comes!" it's like, anytime I say anything about how excited I am for baby and all the things I wanna do, they laugh in my face and tell me to get ready for a harsh reality check of whining and crying. Well, no effing duh. I can still be excited.

    My DD is six months. I love my life! Does she cry? Sure (actually it's super nice to use if you're at a family thing you hate. "Oh baby is fussy....we gotta go, darn")

    We just do different things now. We walk by the river nightly, play in the garden, go to the zoo more.
    Yes. Children, especially babies, make the best excuses for why you can't do something or need to leave.

    I'm sick of people asking if we're done now that we're having our third. We will have a 4th, God willing. I don't understand why 3 is the magical maximum number of babies a family should have.

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  • Oh I love this thread. I have one more, but it probably only applies to my family.
    DS was born a few months after Prince George and DS is also named George (we decided on the name before the prince was born). Everyone keeps asking us if we are going to name this baby Charlotte if it is a girl. I know some people are joking, but I think some people honestly think I named DS after the prince.
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  • When you tell someone how horrible your "all-day every single day for months morning sickness" is, and they say... "Have you tried sprite????"

  • mrmrsyuemrmrsyue member
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  • We found out we are having a girl, and my MIL commented right away: "well, don't you go and buy pink stuff because it's never for sure until the baby is here" & then another time "you aren't buying pink stuff are you??"

    I understand that yes, it is not 100% until the baby is here. But seriously, that is not your business to tell me what to spend my money on. I know she means well, but how about you show a little excitement for us?
    And if it were to happen that the ultrasound was wrong, and we did have a boy, I can already hear her saying "I told you so, now the baby can only wear the gender neutral stuff you have"

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  • "Why aren't you fat yet?" Umm hello im already fat thats why you can't see my baby bump if thats what you're really asking about!
  • "Where's the baby!?  You don't even look pregnant."

    Women develop differently before, during and after pregnancy.  Stop trying to box me into some preconceived notion of how I should look!! 

    I wasn't as upset at the guy who said it this weekend.  He's a sweetheart, but has no sense at all.  I call him "Sentimental Johnny" based off of a Flogging Molly song.  If you've heard it, you'll get it.  His wife gives violin lessons to my 10yr old and we were scheduled for a lesson not long after she went into labor.  We showed up for the lesson (not knowing about the labor) and he brought us in the house and actually asked her if she wanted to do the lesson.  I promise I tried to stop him.  smh. 
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  • "How are you feeling today?" Usually said in the most pitying tone of voice, as if I have some terribly tragic terminal illness. Bloated. Im feeling bloated, and now marginally annoyed... Also, let me carry the things! I am not broke!
    Ughhh, one of the women I work with asks me EVERY SINGLE DAY "How are you feeeeeling?" And gives me a face, like I know you're basically dying, but you're being such a trooper. I've been blessed with a very easy pregnancy so far (knock on wood) and she knows this, so I just feel so awkward when we have to repeat this conversation every morning. Also, my husband prefers to lift things for me and do things get me something from the upstairs fridge when we're in the basement. It's a little annoying, but I'm learning to embrace it. It's definitely not worth the fight. Every time my SIL hears me say something like, "Honey can you take out the trash?" or similar, she FREAKS out. "Why can't you do it? You have two arms and two legs!"

  • Uggggh...these all grind my gears.

    "You're not finding out the gender? How will you plan?? How will you bond with your baby?? I could NEVER do that."

    (1) We're not finding out the SEX. We won't know the baby's gender for a few years now.
    (2) Exactly what part of planning for an infant depends upon his or her genitals? We've made up our mind on circumcision. That's about the only thing I can think of. Babies are babies. And girls can wear blue. It'll be okay. 
    (3) I can't even. 
    (4) So don't! I completely understand people wanting to find out their baby's sex, and have no qualms about it. 
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  • I'm super tired of hearing "wow your showing really early... I bet you're going to have twins" even after iv had more than one ultra sounds and I know it's not twins! Like seriously I can see how big I am so I don't need to hear it from you! Especially because I already feel like a fat cow... personally I feel like it's rude so shut the hell up!!
  • Got my first 'wow, that's 18 weeks?!?!? You sure it's not twins?' I feel like it's my rite of passage into actually looking pregnant instead of just chubby bloat bloat.

    Next person that says it is going to get a punch in the throat though. Or maybe I'll sit on them with my GIANT baby bump.

  • "Don't lift that" "let me teach you how to blah blah blah". I can to stand when people think they need to teach me things. Like because they have a child means they know everything and I know nothing!!!! So frustrating
  • krs0nekrs0ne member
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    I'm tired of being asked if we've picked out a name yet.  My coworker asks every darn week!  Grr.
  • This is #3 and #4 for us. Our first two are 8 & 5. I also have a 12 year old stepson. They are really great helpers and I'm well aware what happens when baby arrives, what to buy and what I need to do.

     Friends with no kids - that want nothing to do with kids and one that is a toddler teacher (no kids/not married and all but one still live with parents) have told me what I need to buy, what I need to do, and that I'm going to have my hands full. This annoys me to no end. I'm a SAHM that homeschools. I spend all day with my amazing kids. I know all about having my hands full. THANKS for the advice....

    I have to remind myself that its just a thing people do but wow. I've been doing this for awhile now! 

  • I am in agreement with the "Why are you starting over" questions.  My boys are 19 and 15, and I get that from family, as well as I am too old, I shouldn't be having a baby.  I shouldn't expect a shower, because it is ridiculous for me to have a baby at my age.  I am 38, it isn't that ridiculous. 

  • riott1977 said:
    I am in agreement with the "Why are you starting over" questions.  My boys are 19 and 15, and I get that from family, as well as I am too old, I shouldn't be having a baby.  I shouldn't expect a shower, because it is ridiculous for me to have a baby at my age.  I am 38, it isn't that ridiculous. 
    Ugh.  I get that one too and HATE it.  My daughter is 9 and my step daughter is 10.  We thought we were done, but surprise.
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  • krs0nekrs0ne member
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    The constant, "How are you feeling?"  

    I'm over 35. I've gotten, "Wow! You're brave." 

    I hate getting parenting and pregnancy advice.  I already have two kids.

    Being told that I "should have another one."

    Getting asked if we're gonna try to have a boy next.  

    I have a friend who always assumes that I'm not going to have fun anywhere because I'm pregnant.  

    And the friend who says, "Oh you're pregnant? We're gonna try to have one too so we can be pregnant together." *rolls eyes*
  • Are you fat yet ?
    - its not getting fat ! Im pregnant. I have another little human in my tummy -.- and btw I've only gained 4 pounds & im 4 months
  • I'm a first time mom with twins and all I hear is 'hopefully it's a boy and a girl, then you are done!' Drives me crazy
  • The term "advanced maternal age". Believe me I know I am not in my 20's anymore. I feel my age every single day!

    "Oh I was going to ask you to join us but I knew you wouldn't want to tag along since you're pregnant." I am pregnant not dead. I still like to have fun!
  • Just waitttttt until delivery.

    Um, okay?! Pretty sure are bodies are made to deliver. I may not know the pain yet or the experience but I'm pretty sure I'll survive. Hence why women give birth! IDIOT!
    You won't beable to do it without an epidural.
    Oh, okay? Because you couldn't?
    Husbands family- oh I hope it's a hellian just like its dad was.
    Ok, thanks?!
  • mine would have to be "you have no idea what you're in for." Refering to the parenting.  No, I have no biological children, but I am a stepmamma of 3, and I helped my single mamma friend extensively with her twin girls ... I do have some inkling that it's not rainbow butterfly playtime.  People act like just because you haven't shoved one out of your vagina before you have never laid eyes on a child before. 
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  • New one!
    (From other moms)
    How does it feel to be pregnant?
    I know each pregnancy is different but it's the overall feeling the same?! You feel like you're no longer in control over what you're body does! Its no longer YOUR body!
  • Shared the name with my family. I have a thick skin and don't care but damn. I was surprised with what came out of some of their mouths.

    "I'm not calling her that."

    "Oh. Well, when you look at her when she's born maybe you'll change your mind."

    My mother in law called and preached to my husband reasons why we should change it. LOL, k thx.

  • lauraPB85lauraPB85 member
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    Lurker from December but love this thread! I've experienced almost all of the above. Here are my most hated:

    People: pregnancy looks really hard! how much longer do you have?
    Me: well I'm 13 weeks now, sooo...
    People: oh you still have FOREVER to go!

    Um ok I realize I'm not in my third trimester or anything but I also don't even have a bump yet, how far along did you expect me to be? I also love being reminded of how long and terrible the next few months will be (neither of which is true) It's already picking up speed. Baby will be here before you know it and that's all that matters!

    OR "Ooohh you're gonna get pretty big when it's really hot out!"

    Yeah well it's June in South Carolina, I'm pretty aware of the weather conditions and it ain't getting any colder. Thanks for reminding me though.

    Why do people love to bring up negative crap all of the time? I've also gotten "was it planned?" It's none of your business if it was planned. Why am I talking about my sex life with you? And "Oh you liked the name Charlotte? Too bad it's taken by the princess" Wait what? Thousands of people share the same name at the same time on this planet. I don't see what the problem is.

    K felt good to get that off my chest! Thanks November ladies.

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  • You're only how many weeks??? Wow.

    It's twins.

    You were all tiny and it just appeared.

    Well.... Thank you all for making me feel like more of a cow than I already do. P.s. I've only gained 4 pounds in 4 months thanks. >:/
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