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When did the nausea start?


Re: When did the nausea start?

  • I was so worried when at 7 weeks I haven't experienced any nausea and guess what- I started feeling nauseous about two days before 8 weeks. I haven't been sick yet but definitely nauseous. I can't stand the smell of most foods and can only stomach very plain food. Fruit, crackers with cheese, yoghurt and jelly sweets is all I can deal with. So enjoy it while it lasts!
  • I'm about 7-8 weeks and I wake up feeling hung over (this is like college all over again with none of the night-before fun!!) and right around 6 PM my appetite is gone.  I eat dinner anyways because I'm a giant pig, but I feel like I could vom at any moment (haven't yet!).  The WEIRDEST part is it isn't food that turns me, it's stuff I see, stuff that never affected me before...like hair!
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  • It started yesterday for me...6 weeks and 2 days.
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  • I started at 5 weeks 5 days threw up for the first time . Then 3 consecutive days of feeling sorry for myself (without been sick but nauseas and barely ate anything . Monday and back at work fighting off that feeling but slightly better than the weekend . Enjoy it while you can , is not nice :(
  • Not much yet for me and i hit six weeks today. i have moments where im quesy but nothing major. this is my first pregnancy so i have no idea if that will turn into full blown awful morning sickness. its still early.
  • SovvySovvy member
    I've never been nauseous in my pregnancies, so it may not hit at all!!

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  • I have always had the nauseous feeling around but this weekend at 8+1, it has gotten worse
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    6 weeks. I'm 8 now and it's better after taking benadryl at night.
    Please please please explain this to me. This is baby two for me and I wasn't like this with my daughter. Does it make it easier to get out of bed? Lol. I puked with my daughter every day for 36wks and this one I am nauseous all day long.

    I think this helps because you get good sleep. When I have to get up early or have a really bad night sleep my nausea is way worse the next day.

    It helps with the nausea, I take 50mcg at night with some B6 and I do not feel entirely sick in the morning. It kinda wears off mid day but I am able to handle it better then. Sometimes I will take half a pill or something like that if it's really bad, but mostly taking it at night works for me. It's the same as unisom. Doxy doesn't work for me though :( Both are category B drugs. 

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