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When did the nausea start?

lulugal1313lulugal1313 member
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I'm only 5 weeks and 1 day with no sign of nausea. Curious when it hit everyone?

Re: When did the nausea start?

  • bb89012bb89012 member
    I'm 9w still hasn't hit me! :)
  • 5w 5d for me. Still going strong at 9 weeks. Not fun. Enjoy not having it while you can!
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  • 6 weeks. I'm 8 now and it's better after taking benadryl at night.

  • CBWifeyCBWifey member
    No joke I had waves of nausea a week before I tested positive and I knew that kind of nausea meant pg, because of my first. It's steadily gotten worse mainly at night after dinner. All for a good cause!
  • 6 weeks exactly! On week 9 now and it's at its worst. This has been the longest 3 weeks of my life!!
  • I had very mild nausea before but it really kicked in at 6 weeks. Survived one week so far. This sucks.
  • I'm 6w4d and nausea hit around 5w6d. Began throwing up this morning. Hopefully you wont experience it!
  • 5w6d for me too!
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  • Thanks ladies! Looks like I should enjoy my next few days!!!!
  • I'm 8 weeks 3 days and only have small waves of nausea, mainly in morning. Nothing major!
  • I'm 7 weeks today and only experience mild nausea in the mornings and after lunch. I haven't puked but I feel nauseous and light headed. It started about a week ago.
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  • emzy86emzy86 member
    I think the moment of conception! Was nauseous for 17 days before I got my BFP. Hasn't stopped since. I'm happy to pass it onto you if you like?!
  • It hit me at 5w5d. Now 7 weeks today. It's only gotten worse.
  • 6 weeks. I'm 8 now and it's better after taking benadryl at night.

    Please please please explain this to me. This is baby two for me and I wasn't like this with my daughter. Does it make it easier to get out of bed? Lol. I puked with my daughter every day for 36wks and this one I am nauseous all day long.
  • I am 7w 3d and I am still feeling good in that respect... knock on wood! :)
  • Was getting lightheaded at 4-5 weeks, which was a symptom that I knew I was pregnant. Nausea has started to kick in the last few days for me. I will be 7 weeks tomorrow. I have yet to get sick, but don't want to eat anything.
  • EC2016EC2016 member
    I was wondering this too. I'm 6w3d and I'm just starting to have sone slight nausea. Before it was just a funky feeling if I didn't eat every 2 hours.
  • It didn't hit me until 8 weeks and I have had it on and off for about a week so far. I hit 9 weeks tomorrow.
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  • 6 weeks both pregnancies.
  • steffi-raesteffi-rae member
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    I had none with my first two kids, but this time it started at exactly 6 weeks!
  • Hit me at 7 weeks exactly. I have a feeling that it's only going to get worse for a while. I have my fingers crossed for you that you don't get sick!
  • 7 weeks and 3 days and still haven't tossed my cookies. I have very very mild nausea, if any. My worst stomach issue is acid reflux every time I eat.
  • KLP1982KLP1982 member
    Just a few days before 8 weeks. No vomiting (yet) but some pretty severe waves of nausea that make me feel like I need to eat every hour or two. I've even had to get up in the middle of the night to make toast. 
  • In the 6th week all pregnancies.. Yep. 6 weeks and 3 days and going strong!
  • I'm 7 weeks and have no nausea so far. So far I just have sore boobs.
  • khewskhews member
    Thanks ladies! This is super helpful- just at 5w1d and haven't had any so it's good to prepare myself for what is potentially to come and not to worry that it hasn't yet.
  • Almost 7weeks and some foods are a turn off but no vomiting so far
  • I get a blah feeling sometimes.. Especially when I wake up, just a weird yucky feeling for a little bit but that's it. No other symptoms for this and I'm almost 8 weeks. I've been lucky!
  • I had a little nausea days before I got my +hpt, but pregnancy was not what I was thinking. Instead, I thought I had a bug. I tested and the pieces fell into place. Week 4 was constant. Week five was in the afternoons only. Since week 6, I've felt nauseous if I go too long without eating and after I eat something. It's reassuring to still feel queasy once in a while, but I am glad the constant feeling has passed.
    Some women never feel nauseous. I wouldn't worry about it!
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  • Right at 5 weeks. I'm 8w3d now and it's not 24/7 anymore but it's definitely still hanging around!
  • carmv01carmv01 member
    8 weeks and 4 days and haven't had any nausea yet! *knock on wood*
  • laschublaschub member
    I'm 5w3d and I just had my first faint wave of nausea this morning before breakfast
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  • Mine started at 6wks. I remember thinking "wow, this is worse than I expected". At 8wks now I would trade anything to go back to wk6 nausea, it was a walk in the park compared to where I am now. Praying it starts to taper off in the next few weeks. I am worthless right now.
  • Fortunately haven't had it yet- 8 weeks, 4 days..... Wondering if I'm just lucky or if it will come with a vengeance later on. Is there ever a point where I can feel, well if I don't have it by now, I won't have it this pregnancy? My husband lives in a different State for work and I travel 60 minutes each way for my job (leaving at 6:30am and home at 9pm) so maybe God just isn't giving me more than I can handle (that's how I like to think of it at least).
  • katymae08 said:

    6 weeks. I'm 8 now and it's better after taking benadryl at night.

    Please please please explain this to me. This is baby two for me and I wasn't like this with my daughter. Does it make it easier to get out of bed? Lol. I puked with my daughter every day for 36wks and this one I am nauseous all day long.
    I think this helps because you get good sleep. When I have to get up early or have a really bad night sleep my nausea is way worse the next day.
  • MonaLSMonaLS member
    I had middle of the night nausea around 3 weeks.  Nothing unbearable.  Now that I'm 5-6 weeks... it comes and goes.  For my only successful pregnancy, 7-12 weeks were the worst for nausea.  I kind of crave the nausea now after two m/c though.  I want to feel pregnant.  Thankfully, my boobs are making it very clear that for now, I am.
  • I'm 5w4d and I feel it coming on today. Bleh.
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  • I've been queasy for the last week or so, but really started having constant nausea yesterday (5weeks, 4 days). No vomiting, but my husband brought me dinner at work Friday and the smell and taste made me gag when I took a bite. I'm afraid this is only going to get worse. I leave for a 3 week annual training, in the field 24/7, this week and can only imagine how miserable it's going to be to be hot, dirty and nauseous. 
  • It will usually start at 5-6 weeks, but some women (like myself) never experience morning sickness at all. I have experienced morning sickness only once when I woke up very early and took a shower. By the time I turned the water off I couldn't stay standing up. I was in my bath robe over the toilet. Only rarely when I drink or eat things which I very rarely eat (homemade lemonade in my last case) and it will upset my stomach for the rest of the night. I have an empty bucket under my bed for emergencies though. I am 9 weeks.
  • l4rkl4rk member
    My midwife said it often starts at 6 weeks and gets progressively worse until week 11. But everyone is different. I was feeling pretty gross for week 6, but week 7 has been good for me so far...
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