Stomach feels strange after C section

Hi all! I am 6 weeks postpartum with beautiful/handsome girl/boy twins. Long story short, my pregnancy was a mess (severe preeclampsia and a host of other issues), my labor was a mess (30+ hours flat on my back with a magnesium drip), and my resulting c section a mess (rookie resident, excessive bleeding & they left a portion of my placenta in that had to be later removed). But I got two miracles out of the deal! Anyway, my recovery is going ok I think but I periodically get this feeling like a muscle or something is stuck in my rib cage. This happens on both sides, never occurred before my section, and strikes me as incredibly strange. It's not overly painful but it's hard to ignore. Any ideas or anyone else experience anything remotely like this? So weird!

Re: Stomach feels strange after C section

  • YES!! Is yours a sharp pain? Mine was an awful pain but it would go away just as quickly as it came! It was weird. I asked my dr and she said it was my muscles going back into place. I'm 6 months out from my c section and I don't have that pain anymore or at least it hasn't happened in a month or so. It was awful for at least the first couple months out. I do tummy exercises now and that has helped. The area above the scar is still numb and tingly and still bruised. Which seems weird to me but I bleed a lot and my poor little guy was way down in my pelvis and she had to really yank on him to pull him out. So end result I had a bruise about 6 inches tall from one hip all the way around to the other hip almost touching my back side on each side. It was awful looking. But Ive got my lil man and I'm happy! I hate that you went through such a rough time of it! And congrats on your lil ones!

    <08/03 diagnosed with PCOS started BCPs.
    11/18/06 married
    3/08 stoped BCP
    10/08 gyno said to get a CBEFM and come back in 6 months
    3/09 started acupuncture and herbs to help fertility started charting. No ovulation for over 6 months!
    09/09 first appt with RE
    10/09 HSG tubes clear everything looks good!
    10/09 hubby has super sperm! He is perfect!
    11/09 T.I. with Gonal-F, no Ovulation. cycle cancelled
    MIL got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and we put our TTC plans on hold until chemo appt weren't taking over our daily lives.
    11/12 started on 1000mgs Metformin
    2/13 1st round of Clomid 50mgs no Ovulation
    3/13 2nd round of Clomid 100mgs no Ovulation
    4/13 3rd round of Clomid 150 mgs no Ovulation
    4/13 OB/GYN gave up and referred me to another RE
    5/13 RE prescribed 2.5mg Femara with Follitism along w/ 1500mgs Met
    5/13 Large Cyst ended up benching me for this cycle
    6/13 Cyst ruptured on its own.
    7/13 Benched for one cycle
    8/13 Femara 2.5mg (5 days) 2x a day w/ 75 iuis of Gonal F. (8days) W/ 10000 mcg HCG only produced 2 good follies BFN
    9/13 benched again (they called it a rest LOL!!)
    10/13 femara 2.5mgs (5 days) 2x a day w/ 112.5 of Gonal F (8days)
    w/ 1000 mcg of HCG produced 4 good follies
    BFP!!! HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!! Didn't see that coming!! Not in a million years!! LOL!

    11/26/13 no heartbeat at 7 wks waiting to miscarry

    started to bleed on 12/1/13 bled off and on for 2wks ended up having to schdule a D&C

    12/16/13 D&C

    1/14 hubby and I talk ourselves into ourselves into one  last cycle, after this we are going to stop to give ourselves a break!

    2/14 femara 2.5mgs (5 days) 2x a day w/ 150. iuis of Gonal F (11days)
    w/ 1000 mcg of HCG produced 4 good follies (both of us got sick during prime baby making time so only a couple times of baby making happened.)

    3/20/14 CD34 2 positive tests! Started progesterone as soon as I saw that positive! Stick Jelly bean stick!!

    After 6 1/2 years of trying for a baby we are finally pregnant and this little one wants to stay put!

    6/14 was told baby had 1 in 30 chance of having Down Syndrome from blood work... how should we proceed... Nothing! I worked my butt off for this lil one I'm not going to end its life before it begins!

    7/14 20 wk ultrasound. 3 hours worth of scanning trying to measure all the soft markers! Not one soft marker for Down Syndrome. So I just quite worrying about it. Its a Healthy Little Boy!

    11/14 measuring really large. 95th percentile! Head measuring very large!

    11/24/14 went in for induction. Lil guy got stuck trying to push my bladder out so after 17 hours of labor had to have a c section... 

    11/25/14 Lil Man Was born by C-section And I Wouldn't have changed anything! I tried really hard to get him here. I did everything I could do! >


  • @farmerswife06 - glad to hear I'm not alone! And congrats on your little guy, too! Also glad to hear it eventually went away. My Dr called it "phantom pain" at my visit last week but I didn't find that to be very helpful. It still occurs daily but isn't a very sharp pain. Just more like something is caught but is strangely not painful (thankfully!).
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