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everytime I get up or basically move my hip and back is cracking, also today when I'm walking I'm feeling the need to hold under my bump. So heavy!

Anyone else experiencing this? I'm 33 weeks on Sunday.

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  • After I'm sitting in a chair for a while and get up to walk it takes me a few steps to stand up straight and I always feel like I have to hold my bump.
  • Can someone crack my hip for me! I feel like it needs popped but just can't get it.
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  • My ribs and back need to be popped. I don't even know if it's possible to pop ribs but stretching doesn't hp anymore! I'm not sure how to explain this but the muscles of my legs on both sides of my vajay are so sore! Getting out of bed, off of chairs basically anything hurts them so much. Ugh
  • When I get up, I feel like she's gonna come dropping out of me! Especially if I've been sitting for a while. So much pressure under there.
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    @andreawatts1 yes I know exactly what you mean, that's how It feels. Don't men have it easy :P
  • Try the chiropractor to have you in alignment
  • Yes! I try not to complain so much because we have been trying since july 5, 2013 but I'm not sure I'm succeeding in being quiet. I am pretty active for the most part but some days I just want to take a bath and nap lol I just can't wait to finally meet her. And I hope someone gets us in a picture when we first see her
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