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Trouble TTC

Newbie here! :)

I've been lurking on this forum for awhile, but I decided it's time to join. I'm 28, DH is 26, and we have been TTC for 2+ years. 

I was diagnosed with PCOS over a year ago, confirmed by blood tests and an ultrasound, though I have been struggling with weight issues since college (and cramps bad enough to send me to the ER once; I couldn't keep down water for 24 hours). Several doctors didn't seem to believe my symptoms, and told me to "just eat healthy" as if that was the only issue. (One doctor gave me a "I don't believe you" look when I told her I'd run a half-marathon for the first time!) Anyway, I have better doctors now, thank goodness. I have been taking the max dose of Metformin as well as medication for mild hypothyroidism, since my endocrinologist says that should help while TTC.

At this point, I'm wondering if Clomid is next. I'm worried our insurance won't cover it or if it won't work. Also I'm entering grad school this September, though I don't want to wait two years before we can TTC again. Thinking about not TTC for that long was making me crazy. It does mean that I'm spending more money than I'm making, which sucks! 

(family drama)
Emotionally, I've been exhausted this month. I've stopped speaking with my mom and my sister, whose comments have been insanely hurtful. My mom told me, "But it was always so easy for me! The first month, every time." Followed by, "And your sister is so excited to have a baby" like I'm not (!?). And then my sister told me, "Let's see who can have the first grandkid," like it's a contest; she recently emailed everybody to announce she was knocked up, though she's living a bad neighborhood with a guy she met on the internet and married after maybe a month spending time with him in person. She thinks it's "funny" that their house has black mold and the empty house next door was recently robbed. Thinking about her "competition" with me makes me sick to my stomach. She already knew I was having trouble TTC, and is using "first grandkid" as bragging rights. She's been passive-aggressive in the past, but never this cruel before.
(/family drama)

The family drama has been depressing, especially this month when AF arrived. I feel like DH doesn't 100% understand, since he tries to be supportive, but doesn't get why I'm so angry at my sister and myself for "failing" yet another month. I work from home, so I feel like it's hard not to turn into a bitter hermit. :P

TL;DR: diagnosed with PCOS, TTC for 2+ years, wondering if I should try Clomid, need to talk to somebody who gets it!

Re: Newbie here! :)

  • Hi there! Sorry to hear you are having issues conceiving!! Let me tell you, clomid is super affordable, I was on for 3 months TTC our 2nd child (long story short, I quit making progesterone and wasn't ovulating randomly) I honestly think it only cost me like $11 out of pocket for it!! Keep your chin up, I've also been following THM (trim healthy mama) it's a low glycemic "diet" but I've read stories upon stories of women having trouble conceiving and within months their bodies switch gears and are on track!! Good luck with your journey
  • Hi and welcome to the board!  I'm sorry that your family hasn't been very supportive.   People who just don't 'get it' and can say some awful things that make you want to either cry or punch them in the face!!   Maybe you could keep TTC conversations to a minimum with them until they get a clue?

    There is a book called "What to expect when she's not expecting" that your DH really should read.  It is a real eye opener for men to understand what turmoil and pain infertility can cause to women.  I recommend!

    Married for 7 years, TTC for 4 years
    dx:  Diminished Ovarian Reserve
    2 Clomid IUI's + 4 injectable IUI's= 5 BFNs and 1 mc

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    I'm not sure why it didn't let me leave a comment before, but I'm finally replying.

    @lindzkrz I'm trying to cut out all sugar right now, since I've heard that also helps with PCOS. It would be amazing if it did switch gears! I'm tired of taking medication instead of "solving" the problem.

    @GoldenKeys I will have to check out that book! DH tries to be supportive, but he doesn't understand why sometimes I'm just so angry and frustrated. He thinks this is something I should be able to ignore or laugh off, so he tries distracting me, which makes it worse.
  • AF should be coming up this month, so that may explain why everything is making me want to cry at the moment. Even stupid stuff like the dinosaurs dying in Jurassic World, LOL!
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