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2nd Trimester

No weight gain?

I'm 23w1d and I haven't gained any weight at all. Should I be concerned??

Re: No weight gain?

  • I would raise this question with your doctor next visit. I know some women gain all of their weight in the second / third trimesters. 
  • cfaithicfaithi
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    I'm only 18 weeks- I haven't gained any weight either and my Dr. put me on a nutritional shake supplement today.
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  • I'm not sure if it would help with weight gain but I drink a couple Carnation Breakfast Essentials a day. The chocolate malt flavor is delish with 2% milk. They're loaded with vitamins and nutrients too.
  • Carnation instant breakfast has tons of sugar- not to worry about calories if you're trying to gain, however I would be concerned about gestational diabetes if your drinking a few a day. Even skinny girls can get it.
  • My OB approves of it.
  • I'm not going to worry about every little thing I consume. First time mom or not I'm rocking this pregnancy at 39 years old with 0 complications. There are things I don't eat/drink because of my OBs advice and husbands wishes. I've gained 13 pounds and I'll be 27 weeks Monday. My daughter is healthy and very active. I worry about nothing. I might be new to all of this but I'm doing alot of things right, obviously!

    Sugar this, calories that..... Yada Yada yada! Do you at all realize how many healthy baby's have been worn way before we had all of these pregnancy rules and regulations? My great-grandmother lived to be 105, she didn't eat low calorie, gluten free organic bs! She ate well and lead a very successful, healthy life. I sometimes think we need to listen to older, much more experienced women before these new trendy ways of life.
  • By 23 weeks your baby needs a lot of nutrients and is growing really rapidly, so I think you should be gaining some weight, by eating calorie dense, nutrient rich foods like fruits, veggies, complex carbs and lean protein. If you have been doing that but still aren't gaining weight you should talk to your doctor. If your doctor says baby is growing fine, I wouldn't worry yourself too much.
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  • fchasefchase
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    i have the same thing, 20 weeks and ive lost 15 pounds, not gained any... but my baby is moving and the doctors are not saying anything so figure it's fine!
  • I think it depends on you and what your doctor says. I was overweight before pregnancy, and my doctor told me he doesn't want me to gain any weight. I've actually lost about 14 pounds and I am at 25 weeks. I'm still eating the same amount of calories, but just choosing healthier foods and walking for exercise. If you are concerned, just double check with your doctor.

  • If you're worried, talk to you doctor about it. I didn't gain mcuh of anything (3-5 pounds, depending on the bloat) until about 20 weeks. I am 33 weeks now and have gained 20 total. Some people just gain late when baby starts fattening up.
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