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Thoughts on a baby sprinkle

So, in May 2014, my husband and I welcomed twin baby girls. Our families threw us the nicest baby shower to prepare us for their arrival. It was a big event and we had many of our friends and family. This year, we are expecting twin girls in October 2015...what are the chances, right?? Our families would like to have a "sprinkle" for us because even though both sets of twins are girls, they will be born at different times and we would still need some of the basics for the new little ones. I feel uneasy about having a form of a shower two years in a row, but everyone keeps telling us that it's fine since we are having twins again and it's a lot to get prepared for. I wanted to see what everyone's thoughts were on the subject? Thanks!

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  • You will get a lot of replies to this thread. Many people will say don't have one, etc. I think, though, that if your family wants to throw you a small, intimate gathering you should let them (keep the guest list small, and keep it intimate at someone's house). I am a believer in showers being more than just about the gifts - they are more of a celebration for the baby. Maybe if you called it something other than a "sprinkle" you'll have more people on board with the idea?
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  • Yep what VOR said.  I think a very small gathering with only your closest friends and family is alright, but like PP said might not be necessary as these tend to be the same people who would have gotten you a gift anyways.  

  • 100% agree with VOR.  

    I would attend a 2nd shower for a close friend who is having a second set of twins. If an acquaintance invited me to a 2nd shower under these circumstances, I'd see it as a gift grab and I'd probably be very busy on that day.
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  • als1982als1982 member
    No, just no.
  • LaurmiLaurmi member
    I strongly dislike the idea of a sprinkle....or any new excuse for a gift giving thing such as gender reveal parties, push presents, etc.....

    That being said, if I was invited to one for a very close friend or family member, I'd probably go to celebrate?! I'm not sure. I feel like babies are expensive and we go into it knowing that they cost a lot of money and should never rely or expect other people to help shoulder that cost. If I were invited to one for someone and I felt like I'd JUST been to their shower within the past year or two, my first thought would be "Wait. We just did this. Why do they want other peoples help supplying the necessities for their baby AGAIN?!"
  • I think you can get away with more than your average STM because OMG! TWO SETS OF TWINS!

    I was invited to a "diaper meet and greet" once where we were to come and meet the baby and bring diapers because the baby already had, like, four older brothers! It was a bit ridiculous. However, it happened because friends wanted to throw a shower. I say if friends/family want to throw you a shower, let them. Just, as others have said, keep the guest list small.
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  • Laurmi said:

    I strongly dislike the idea of a sprinkle....or any new excuse for a gift giving thing such as gender reveal parties,

    Gender reveal parties aren't gift giving events. Or I've never been to one that was.
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  • My friend had twins after a singleton (I know, not the same as twins after twins, but was her second pregnancy). Her nieces REALLY wanted to throw her a shower when she was pregnant with the twins (both girls), but she was really uneasy about it since she had already had a shower with her son. Anyway, in the end, she did have another shower (or "sprinkle" or whatever). HOWEVER, the only reason that she did it, was because her nieces (who are twin girls) were so adamant about throwing one. She kept it strictly to family, and only close family. Her best friends weren't even invited. I think there were only like 20 people there in the end. And she didn't register for the twins. 
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  • I would decline.
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