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Worst Parenting Advice?

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It seems as if the moment baby enters the world, you automatically become a magnet for unsolicited advice. Sure, some of it might be helpful, but you’re likely to receive some wacky suggestions.

Here, Bumpies share the craziest tips they’ve heard.

What is the worst parenting advice you’ve received or heard?

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Re: Worst Parenting Advice?

  • Regarding separation anxiety...Make baby be comfortable with people. In other words, hand her over even if she's scared and screaming so she can "get over it quickly". I don't listen, she always comes around when she's comfortable.
  • Also on separation anxiety..."you don't take him out enough"(because he cries when you pick him up, right?  And you just want him to adore you!!).  "You should take him out for walks more."  I said I do but not when it's 90+ degrees outside.  "But just a little bit."  I said no.  Sure, I'll let my baby fry in the summer heat, just a little bit.
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