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  • red727 said:

    @TamarraL ;My MIL thinks the same thing. I feed on demand. So she tries to "soothe" her when I know she is hungry. Baby is basically trying to latch onto everything in sight by the time she agrees that baby could be hungry. So annoying!

    Haha my dad is like that! He loved talking to the baby when he was awake which was super cute, but this was in the first couple weeks where really if the baby is awake it's because of hunger. By the time I got him he was so frantic and it was hard to get him to latch!
  • "Stop holding her so much, she's getting spoiled"
    That was said to me when my daughter wasn't even a week old yet.. She's 9 weeks now and still in my arms 98% of the time. She's not "spoiled", she just feels happy in mommys arms❤️

    "You need to give her bottles too, she can't breastfeed the whole time"
    "You need to let her cry, it's not healthy to pick her up every time she's upset"
    "Don't feed her too much, she will get fat"
    "If you cosleep she will never be independent"

    It's been one thing after the other lol.
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  • "Give her water with oregano" . What????
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    Give baby water for those hiccups. (Eye roll)
  • Advice from my grandmother in law: 
    give her water for those hiccups!!! Smh...

    Advice from mother in law:
    I'm going to come next week for three nights to help you train your daughter (one month old) to sleep through the nights without waking up to eat! So you guys can get some rest!

    So basically, she'd like to let my daughter cry it out for hours because she's hungry....ummm Not happening. I'll happily wake up as many times necessary to feed my baby girl. Thanks....
  • ndziuba said:
    Advice from my grandmother in law: 
    give her water for those hiccups!!! Smh...

    Advice from mother in law:
    I'm going to come next week for three nights to help you train your daughter (one month old) to sleep through the nights without waking up to eat! So you guys can get some rest!

    So basically, she'd like to let my daughter cry it out for hours because she's hungry....ummm Not happening. I'll happily wake up as many times necessary to feed my baby girl. Thanks....
    That sort of advice is just sad and scary because it means people do it/have done it. I cannot fathom the rationale behind letting a hungry baby remain hungry. :(
  • poofwokpoofwok
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    I was told " they will sleep better if you give formula, it lasts longer." I ebf all of my kids and they would sleep 4-6 hours a night, even when newborn.
    My MIL would tell me this and I used to get so mad at her. What a load of BS.
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  • "She won't get enough just with breast milk, mix formula for some feeds".

    DD was born 5lb6oz, on the 3rd centile.
    At five months, she was on the 50th centile, and has stayed bang on average weight ever since (1 next week).

    Tell me again how breast milk isn't enough?
  • My step grandfather couldn't fathom a baby living on just breast milk. Before I had my little guy, he'd talk about how my aunt tried to breastfeed just couldn't give my cousin what he needed and she had to give him formula. I told him I was breastfeeding and that my aunt was the exception not the rule. He said that I'd see the truth. Babies needed formula.
    My son was born at 7lb and 1oz, 19in and hc of 13in. After two months of exclusive breastfeeding he weighed in at 13lb 9oz, 24in and hc 16in. Step Grandpa says he's the most handsome baby he has ever seen and took back everything he said before about breastfeeding!
  • I was told to let the baby cry themselves to sleep, I can't handle that so I would comfort them.
  • Never went through such a wrong advice...
  • MIL: "if she's sleeping until 5 am on 3.5 ml - if you gave her 4 ml or 5 ml she'd sleep until 8!" Um...no...she'll puke it everywhere and get cranky...
    She also said we were crazy when LO was cluster feeding every hour during a growth spurt...
    And always goes back to talking about how DH was eating cereal in his bottle at 2 weeks old and was having 8 oz bottles out of the hospital...um what!?
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    I know this is sort of an old thread but I have to share because this one is nothing short of amazing.

    When I was born my mom decided not to nurse, and after several months decided formula was too expensive. She asked the doctor if I could be given cow's milk. This wonderful doctor told her...yes. I pretty much immediately got colic along with frequent diarrhea and vomiting and no one connected it to the cow's milk. Even better? I am lactose intolerant. 

    It's honestly a wonder I didn't die. I've also been anemic my whole life pretty much. I take three iron pills a day and even with that can barely keep the levels normal. I wonder if the cow's milk is to blame for that.

    My sister was born two months premature so she had to be on a special type of formula for a long time. If not for that she would have probably been fed cow's milk too.
  • Worst advice we ever heard was all baby wipes are the same! We used generic baby wipes and it left our little Rufus with a red rash. I know how sensitive a baby skin is so I am always skeptical to use paper towels or tissues. I did some research online and found Fridababy BreatheFrida booger wiper and chest rub wipes. They are SO soft and sensitive so I am happy to use them on my baby’s nose and chest. They have menthol and eucalyptus so they help my lil bub breathe too. They are a god send and I always keep them on hand now. I got them here if anyone interested:


  • The worst advice I've received is nothing terrible (yet): everyone pressuring me to bottle feed or formula feed because I'm exclusively breastfeeding with my twin boys and everyone thinks that just because it's hard for me and leaves me exhuasted, it means I should give up. I personally am against using formula for my own children unless it is medically necessary (and it was necessary to supplement with formula after each feeding when they were born until their blood sugars balanced out, due to hypoglycemia). I don't judge people who do formula feed, but I would rather trust something I know I'm making that was made especially for my babes' needs specifically. As far as feeding them a bottle they are preemies and they experienced nipple confusion from drinking formula at the hospital so I would not like to make it worse by bottlefeeding my milk to them unless it is absolutely necessary because I go out/am away from them. No matter how many times I explain this to people, they still insist on me going against what I think is best for my children. The persistence is just UGH.
  • Grace2016 said:
    "Eat everything you want while pregnant or the baby will be a drooler"
    That's hilarious!

    So far, everyone's pretty much kept their advice to themselves, but my little one's only 3 weeks old. I put him in a baby carrier to keep him close and keep random people from touching him when we go out, and my close friend told me at church last week that I should take him out so everyone can "see" him - in other words, hold and pass around and drool over. Like I wanted all these people playing hot potato with my two week old!
  • My daughter wouldn't eat when she was first born and had zero sucking ability, so we were force feeding her formula via a syringe for the first two days of her life and the doctors were tempted to put a feeding tube down her because she wasn't eating enough. She eventually did learn to suck but only on preemie nipples (even though she was born at 38 weeks and wasn't a preemie) and wouldn't latch to my breast at all. We were so ecstatic that she was actually eating that we continued to feed her formula with the preemie nipples and now, four weeks later, she absolutely shrieks and throws a fit when I try to get her to suckle at my breast.

    So my MIL (who exclusively breastfed all four of her children) told me to quit feeding her formula and that if she got hungry enough, she would latch. So basically she wants me to starve my newborn daughter until she's so absolutely starved that she's forced to latched? No. Not happening. Especially after she already had issues with eating right after she was born! That same day I laid my daughter down for a nap and my MIL tried to cover her with a blanket so she wouldn't get cold - when I told her to remove the blanket because it's a suffocation hazard, she looked at me like I was crazy and tried to argue with us about it. She also acted offended when we asked her to sanitize her hands before holding our daughter.

    My own mother also threw a fit about having to sanitize her hands when holding the baby (so much so that she started yelling at us over it) but while she was holding my daughter, she suddenly got up from the couch and stated that she was going to lay the baby on my dad's bed for a while. I asked her if she was going to sit with the baby in there and she said no, that she was just going to lie her down and shut the door. Um, no!!! You never lay a baby down in your bed and walk away! I told her to just give the baby back to me and she gave me a hard time about it and told me I was being ridiculous. What is it with baby boomers and all their bad advice? Really makes me hesitate to ever have them babysit my daughter in the future. I also told everyone in the family not to kiss our baby until she's older (due to germs and cold sores) and so far my MIL has kissed the baby three times, my husband's aunt has kissed her twice, his brother kissed her once and my mom kissed her once. It's infuriating that nobody is respecting our wishes on her safety and take her fragile health for granted, especially since my mom gets cold sores regularly and my husband's brother gets herpes on his forehead every couple years or so.
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