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Worst Parenting Advice?

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It seems as if the moment baby enters the world, you automatically become a magnet for unsolicited advice. Sure, some of it might be helpful, but you’re likely to receive some wacky suggestions.

Here, Bumpies share the craziest tips they’ve heard.

What is the worst parenting advice you’ve received or heard?

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Re: Worst Parenting Advice?

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  • Worst advice has all come from my mom
    1. Lay him to sleep on his belly at night (umm, no!)
    2. Feed him water between feedings it'll fill him up. (Also no!! That is so not ok, if he wants to feed clearly he needs to eat something with nourishment!)
  • Feeding water to a baby is definitely a bad idea before 6 months (or unless directed by a pediatrician). Feeding a baby water can cause electrolyte imbalances which can lead to seizures and possibly death.
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  • Larati said:
    Worst: Feed her rice cereal to get her to sleep through the night 

    Best: it's ok if you need a break. Take ten minutes and come back. 10 minutes crying in a crib isn't gonna hurt your baby, and it lets you calm down enough to handle her.

    My mother in law had an 11lbs bsby and says she used to add cereal to bottle so he could get full.......ummm just because they are big babies doesn't mean their stomach is huge when they are born!
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  • A random lady in Walmart told me "don't be afraid to bop her occasionally, she looks like she needs it..." My daughter and I were shopping for nail polish, and baby girl is 3 and was behaving perfectly...
  • Put honey on the pacifier to get baby to take it - this advice was given by medical professional!!
  • ElecinElecin
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    laelha2 What in the................I'd kill her.  
  • I heard many people suggesting to give him water and leaving him to cry. The worst ever was when I was told that I am spoiling my child for picking him up whenever he started to cry.
  • Yes! My in laws say the same thing.. And then my mil said that no baby can survive off breast milk alone, you have to give them cereal or they won't get enough.

    She also told me that when dh was a baby he always had runny poop so for like the first three months she fed him rice water until his poop got firm. I just stayed quiet.
  • When my daughter hits growth spurts, she eats like crazy, and I exclusively pump so for a couple weeks it was hard to keep up with her. Some people my boyfriend works with told him we should add cereal to her milk. Not rice cereal-- Corn flakes! They said to crush up regular corn flakes and add it to her milk! I told him he works with a bunch of morons and don't you dare ever listen to anything they say.
  • "Eat everything you want while pregnant or the baby will be a drooler"
  • So sick and tired of people telling me
    What to do. I am due in February 2016 and the topic of breast feeding has come up. I am
    Choosing not to and I am so sick of people telling me how I "will" feel after she is born.
  • I'm always hearing how small my son is and that gets irritating. His birth weight was 6lbs 7oz born 9 days early. At his 2 week check up he weighed 6lbs 15oz. While other moms get a guilt trip for not breastfeeding I get the "are u sure he's getting enough? " and "they don't want you to supplement with any formula" I just say the pediatrician is happy with his weight gain and the number of wet diapers I'm getting.
  • "It can wait"( in regards to housework) to a certain extent I can see this being sound advice. However, I used this advice one day and skipped an entire day of bottle and pump parts washing.

    What an awful idea :((
  • Sorry about the double pic!!
  • Worst ever: don't read or sing to them when they go to bed or they will expect it.
  • Worst advise I've got is: when your baby will be born feed him a formula if you will have not enough of breast milk supply
  • Ohhhhhhhh my god! !!!
  • @Seed0824 doing that before bed is actually an excellent idea. Lol. Then whenever you're in a new place or what have you and you need him to sleep, doing that will help relax him so you can get him to sleep, since it's familiar.
  • @MelJav breast feeding is better, but formula isn't bad for baby, of course. You know what will be best for you, your baby, and your family. I breastfed for as long as I had colostrum, and then gave up. (I wasn't producing much, and formula is just more convenient for me and my family.)
  • I know that feel. My husband insists that I hold him too much. (He only ever says that when I put baby down and he begins to cry, which only happens like 40% of the time.)
  • When reading the comments I was like "I know right" for 90% of them. The worst was feed baby water she must be thirsty (uhm no) and let her sleep on her tummy (uhm I don't think so). I just smile and wave lol. But to put the cherry on the top, I was told by my MIL that I feed her too much. If she's hungry, what do u expect me to do? Let my child starve?
  • Carry around a doll to introduce the concept of baby to your dogs. Um, hello - crazy pregnant lady carrying around a doll with very confused dogs who already adjusted to baby nieces just fine...... Yeah, no thanks - who has time for that anyway?
  • The nurse at the hospital told me I was holding my less than 24 hour old infant too much and she needed to get used to being alone. Oh and then on another note when she was demanding a urine sample from me she told me if I force myself to pee my uterus would pop out. REALLY?!
  • Wow! It breaks my heart to see how many people think you should let a brand new baby "cry it out"!!! Poor babies! They are scared, and completely helpless and you're just gonna say "screw you kid. Deal with it"? Makes me sick to think people actually do this.
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    @TamarraL ;My MIL thinks the same thing. I feed on demand. So she tries to "soothe" her when I know she is hungry. Baby is basically trying to latch onto everything in sight by the time she agrees that baby could be hungry. So annoying!

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  • "Give your baby (who's 4 weeks) water with oregano".. what???
  • I asked some friends for advice on how to get baby to sleep at night. One person said to use cry it out on my newborn. Another said to let her sleep on her stomach. Um no.
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