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Classes at Brookwood Hospital

Hey ladies!

Just wondering if anyone has taken the classes offered at Brookwood Hospital. Natural Birthing class is the one I am most interested in hearing about. We have signed up for New Dad Class, Breastfeeding , Regular Birthing class, and Natural. Any insight to these is appreciated! Thanks!

Also anyone know of some independent  Natural birthing classes going on in Birmingham?

Re: Classes at Brookwood Hospital

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    Sorry for the late response... I just found this thread! I've taken all of the Brookwood classes and found them to be very helpful! I am also having a natural childbirth! I don't know of any independent ones though. GL! :)
  • I'll be delivering naturally at Brookwood as well!! :) Who is your doc??
  • Thanks ladies! We ended up going to Breastfeeding , Regular Birthing class, and Natural Birthing. All were informative. I would say we got the most our of the Breastfeeding class. Very informative, detailed and encouraging. The regular birthing class was second as far as good information. Though I felt we got very little information on the stages of labor (which was gone over in the Natural Birthing class). the Natural birthing class was good  but LONG! It went from 6-9 and and had one break. The relaxation and breathing techniques were gone over last and you could tell everyone in the class was itching to get out of there due to being tired and hungry. 

    Julie Taylor with OBGYN South. All the doctors i have met with that practice are very un-medicated friendly. 
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