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subutex & pregnancy

I'm on 8mg subutex a day and I'm 30 weeks pregnant with a (so far) healthy baby girl. I'm so nervous that when she's born she's going to go through withdrawal because of me having to take it for something I did before pregnancy. Anyone going through or have been through the same thing?

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  • How did everything turn out?? I'm 18 wks on 4mg of Subutex myself. Feeling a little alone w no one to rly relate to on here. 
  • I had my son on subutex. He had to stay in nicu for 21 days on detox. When I had my daughter I was on 200 mg of methadone and she didn't withdrawal at all. Only had to spend 7 days in hospital for jaundice. So I guess it all depends. 
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  • Why not start to ween off the subs now ? Why put the baby in Thebes situation to go through the withdrawals that you don’t wanna go through ? It just makes sense that if a fetus gets a feel for opiates early in that later in in life they will be way more susceptible to opiate addiction? Best of luck ladies it’s not easy. 
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