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We have been planning our California trip for almost a year now. We'll hit Sea World, Legoland, and Disneyland. I never imagined I would be pregnant for this trip, but I'll be 18 weeks when we go and we'll be there for two weeks. I'm a thrill ride kind of person, as are my 4 boys, but my husband is NOT. Any tips for enjoying our trip? I went when I was 17 weeks with my oldest, but rode everything without reservation. This time everyone seems much more concerned about safety.

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  • Personally, I don't think I would even bother paying the $100 for a Disneyland ticket, as the risk on rides is SO high to your baby. I would wait until you can actually go on the rides, or just walk around the park, see shows, fireworks, etc. 
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    I can't NOT go, unfortunately. Plane tickets were bought a year ago and this is all my kids got for their birthdays this year. Hotels are paid for, tickets are purchased, relatives are meeting us there... thanks!
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  • There is plenty to do at Disneyland! Shows, shops, gentle rides for kids, Pirates, small world, toon town houses... I can go on and on. Disney hardly has thrill rides so I'm sure your husband can suck it up and go with the kids on rides you are unable to ride. Never been to Legoland so I'm not sure on that one. But just because your pregnant doesn't mean your handicap. Go to Disney have fun! Enjoy the kids having a wonderful time. Be sure to stop and rest and drink lots of water! It's gonna be getting hot out here soon!
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    Thanks. I've only been once before and my sister just told me I'd be bored out of my mind. And I'm from Alaska, so I'll be hot no matter what season I go!
  • You would be bored at knotts or six flags.. This is Disneyland. There isn't much in the way of thrill rides. Plus Disneyland is for kids, watching kids have fun and get excited to see Mickey or their favorite characters is waaaay more fun than any rides they have.
  • Just came back from Disney world 2 weeks ago and I had a blast!! We rode all the preggo friendly rides which surprisingly there are a lot of! Get the map at the entrance and it'll tell you which you can ride. Drink lots of water and rest up in between every few rides.
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    There is plenty to do at Disneyland that's is perfectly safe! There are a few rides that you might want to stay away from (Matterhorn, Star Tours come to mind) that really shake you around. But the majority of the attractions are totally pregnant friendly. And you have the perfect excuse to indulge in all the great food! Make sure to get a Dole Whip and stay for the Fantasmic show in the evening. Have fun!!!
  • Everything at disney is family friendly with the exception of the thrill rides. I've been twice this pregnancy and once my last.

    On my trip in feb I was about 7 or 8 weeks and went on everything (didn't know yet) then when we went a few weeks ago, I went on everything except thrill rides.

    Use common sense and you'll be fine!
  • I went to Disney World last December with my 23 month old daughter, husband and in laws. I planned this trip to a T. Everything was organized and I had a daily plan for everything. I allowed for down time each day after lunch. The trip turned out amazing. I guess I highly recommend being super organized and plan, plan, plan.
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    As a So Cal native, and a DL annual pass member, I can tell you there's a TON to do at DL. We went last month for my birthday and basically I was able to ride everything except coaster rides. My OB said I could ride Splash Mountain, so we did... but no other coaster-type rides; also steer clear of Tower of Terror. We had a blast anyway and plan on going back soon.
    (Edit: That examiner article, above, is right on... though my OB did say Splash is fine because it's only one drop. Basically stay clear of excessive shaking and g-forces.)

    Sea World only has two coaster-type rides (Manta and Atlantis) and I think you'll find plenty of entertainment elsewhere anyway. Bring a seat pad, though. The show seats are metal bench-types with little back support.

    Haven't been to Legoland yet, so can't speak to it. But since it caters to young kids, I would imagine there would be plenty of "kiddy" rides you can hit.
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  • OHHHH MY GOSH! I am a Disneyland fan! I have had their annual pass for almost 5 years now and I still make sure to use it being 17 weeks pregnant. I don't do much rides though but you can still do Toy Story Mania at California Adventure park as well as the little mermaid (so cute!) Monsters Inc ride, hmmm i think that is it in that park that would be SAFE. If you want to do the "thrilled" rides at disney that's your personal choice :) I choose not to though and I still have fun there is so much to do and see. The shows and parades!!! Oh you can also do Mickey's Fun Wheel at Cali Adv. Park the non swinging gondola ;) or the swinging one, again its up to you! Disneyland park is packed with things to do!!! There is a lot of "safe" rides you can get on there and also enjoy the parades and shows, fireworks. ooooh! You guys should watch world of color at Cali Adv at night or Fantasmic at Disneyland at night as well if you haven't done so already! Canoeing is fun too! :) If you have any questions you can ask me! I love love love disneyland! Try their corndogs on main street YUM!!!!!!! 
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  • Thank you all! I appreciate your responses! I certainly don't treat myself as handicapped while pregnant. I camp and fish and do all of the fun Alaska adventurous things to do, but the last time I did Disney was quite a while ago. Thanks!
  • I'm also an annual pass holder and I'm planning to go to Disney this month again. There's actually a lot to do! California Adventure has the Aladdin show and World of Color which is AMAZING!! There are plenty of slow rides you can still go on, basically anything by the castle and Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Tom Sawyer Island, Pirate/River Boat, Nemo's submarine ride, and there are tons of shows. Personally I enjoy walking down main street and stuffing my face with goodies while watching the parades. If my boys want to go on the bigger rides I'll wait with them in line then I'll go to the exit and wait for them to get off, there's not too many fast rides so its not too bad. Oh if you do go to World of Color (which I strongly recommend) make sure you get a fast pass early and  you get in line for the event at least an hour prior to the time the ticket says so you can guarantee a good view, especially if you have little ones other wise they won't be able to see much. It may seem like a pain but its worth it trust me! Have fun!!
  • I just got back from Disneyland a few weeks ago and I was 13 weeks... Had a BLAST!!! Not doing the thrill rides sucks, but there are so many others you can ride safely. Not to mention just enjoying the parks & snacks
  • Go and ride the simple rides! No roller coasters though. Walk around eat yummy food and enjoy yourself :) and don't forget the pickles there! They are AMAZING! :)
  • I have never been while pregnant but we go many times each year and I have been with my sister many times while she was pregnant. First of all, don't risk the rides that they advise against for expecting mamas. Yes, they are awesome but it isn't worth it. Disneyland is so much more than just the rides! Stay hydrated! Bring a sports bottle and fill it up at drinking fountains throughout the day. Sometimes the water doesn't taste the best (though it's completely safe) so we will bring crystal light type packets to make it taste better. You can also take advantage of all the amazing food at Disneyland and California Adventure. My husband and I always take lunch with us into the park but we always buy at least one meal a day in the park and sometimes snacks too (always ice cream!). Take advantage of fast passes, especially for the big shows. When we decide to do world of color we get that fast pass first thing then before the show starts we go and get ice cream sundaes and sit and wait for the show :) It's the best!

    Take breaks when you need it too. They have a show called Mickey's magical map in disneyland that my nephews absolutely love. We try to catch that at some point because it's a good show and nice to take a break! If you're going after May 22nd you get the see the Diamond celebration! Apparently there will be a different fireworks show, slight changes to world of color, and a new "paint the night" parade! Oh, and new foods and merchandise to celebrate!

    Sorry for all the rambling, I'm a bit Disney obsessed :)
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    We have passes and go all the time. It's lots of fun! Parades, rides, shows, fireworks, and yummy food!

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