Cloth Diapering

Building my stash & scored!

I am a FTM, and have been obsessively researching & planning a starter stash until little girl gets here & we figure out what works for her. I've collected a few pockets, a bunch of inserts & a few AIOs from consignment sales & the Internet b/s/t boards. I also had a small stash of pre-pre-folds that were MY diapers that my mom saved for almost 40 years.

Tonight I met a woman from our local CL who gave me three giant grocery bags of diapers for $30. Inside were a few random AIOS, a few rrandom inserts, 7 or 8 kissaluvs and THIRTY SEVEN pre-fpre-folds. Not quite what I imagined our stash would end up looking like, but I am so excited about our haul.

Doing a quick wash now before stripping & prepping the whole stash closer to my due date!
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