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Best Stroller

We currently have a Peg Perego stroller and I am not happy with it. We are on the go with older kids sports and need something good. What stroller do you ladies prefer?? Thanks

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  • I have a phil and ted jogger. I love it but it is more for walking and jogging. The storage space is limited.
  • I have a graco fast action click connect jogging stroller and I love it.


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  • Uppa baby vista- great wheels and huge basket. Not sure if it's as popular outside the city (folding it is not fun) but I love it!
  • I love my City Mini.
  • I also have a city mini. Once I got the hang of opening and closing it I loved it!
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    I have a City Mini GT and it's pretty good. Super light weight and folds / opens so easily but I'm not so happy with the storage basket. When LO was in his bucket seat it was fine but now that he's sitting in the stroller I can't fit my diaper bag underneath. I also find the straps twist a lot and because we've got them so tight to fit an 8 month old, there are huge ends flapping all over the place.

    All these Are pretty minor complaints through so if you're seeing similar things with the other models you're looking at and weight and easy folding are a priority, I'd say this would be good for you.
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