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planning my baby shower my fiancé has a big family and the last baby shower we went to they had children there. I kinda don't want any kids there bc they are loud and running around and some parents can't control their childen. I don't want to offend anyone should I invite them and say no kids allowed or I should say yes to the kids?

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  • Also, you are having a baby. Get used to kids, kids being wild, and not being able to control them.
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    As said, you shouldn't be hosting your own shower.  And yes, I caution you on being overly judgey about other parents.

    That being said, see if someone offers to host a shower for you.  Then talk to them about the guest list.  I too have only been to showers that are adult only. I like it, it's nice.  If that's what you want, there is nothing wrong with that.  I'd hope your host would work with you on that. 
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    delujm0 said:

     it's a baby shower, not a wedding. 

    What does this have to do with anything?  I've been to MANY non-wedding events that are adult only.  Including baby showers. 
  • Ok I'm not hosting my own shower. My cousin is hosting it for me but she lives in NJ so as far a place to have it I found it bc she can't come here to do that for me. The place where my FH family has all the parties really isn't kid friendly as far as play area for their kids. If it was at a park or something I wouldn't care but it's not. Also she's asking me what do I want and were inviting at least 35 ppl and majority of his side of the family has kids under the age of 7 so that's why i can't make up my mind because I don't want to offend anyone that has children but again it's not their baby shower. So if they don't attend I'll be fine.
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    In my circle, you invite the adults. Babies 2 and under come because they are still attached but most older kids don't come. My cousin showed up to my shower with her 3 kids unexpectedly which at first I was a little peeved about but it was fine. They were well behaved. Her oldest ended up winning a shower game and got a candle as a prize he was not pleased with. That cracked me up.
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    Look- when you get into the world of parents, some people will ALWAYS be upset that their sweet angels aren't invited.  But life is life and not every event is kid friendly.  They can be upset- you can't control that.  Do what works best for you. 
  • If your host decides on an adult-only shower, that's totally fine. When addressing the invitations, make sure you address them to the person invited only. Do not say "no children" in any way on the invitation; it's rude to mention people who aren't invited on the invitation. If someone RSVPs and says they'll be bringing a child, the host should calmly let them know that the shower is an adult-only event. Some people will decline, but that's life and it is absolutely the host's prerogative to have an adult event.
  • Yeah I sent her a text this morning she said adults only. So problem solved no children
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    delujm0 said:

     it's a baby shower, not a wedding. 

    What does this have to do with anything?  I've been to MANY non-wedding events that are adult only.  Including baby showers. 

    This quote is out of context. Her point Is that she would get a babysitter for a wedding, but would not do so for a baby shower.
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