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Does being pregnant make you want to have more children?


Re: Does being pregnant make you want to have more children?

  • Pregnancy? Definitely not. But seeing my girls who are now 4 and 5 growing up and growing out of things, THAT makes me want to have more. I just turned 23 and this is our 3rd. DH is on board for another right away and then one more after that but in a couple years. I could probably talk him into a 6th, but we'll see.
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  • I'm 22, my fiancé is 26, and this is our first baby (a girl). We both have two siblings each and I want our daughter to have at least one sibling. My fiancé really wants a boy in the future! We plan on having our second child in five years. I don't love pregnancy at all, but I do love babies so I'll deal with all of this at least one more time!
  • I definitely think u should go for it. Yolo seriously. Take the opportunity to have the family u want while you can :) imo. I used to want a big family with 4 kids but aftter a horrendous first trimester i have no clue how im gonna make myself go thru that again. I still want 4 but idk if i can survive that.
  • I've always wanted lots of babies. When I imagined my life,my house was full of kids. But after this pregnancy (FTM) and how rough it has been, 2 might do the trick for me. I guess it will depend on my next pregnancy. If it is a hard as this one we will probably look into adoption for one more baby.
  • We're probably one and done. I'm not sure how we're even going to afford this one! If I had made different life choices and was in a better place financially, AND could SAHM, I'd love to have three or four. But especially considering I'm 34 now and will be 35 in just a few more months, this little nugget will most likely be it. 

    Honestly, my brother and I weren't close growing up, and the hubs is an only child, so I don't feel like we *need* to have siblings, not really knowing what I'm missing there anyway. 
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    @finchfeeder80 honestly after this pregnancy sucking (migraines) I really would be fine with just one.... But my husband I don't think will be. And I agree with you on finances. We do well for ourselves but I have 40,000 in student loans yet from attending a private nursing school and have always found reasons to push off paying more than the minimum.... Bleh.
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