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I'm a ftm. Due June 5th and I haven't found a pediatrician yet. Any tips on how you chose the right one for your baby?

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  • I would start by checking with your insurance company to see what pediatricians are in network then go from there.
  • We asked our OB, as well as friends from church who already have children. The pediatrician with the most recommendations is the one who we chose.
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  • We asked around and checked insurance. We didn't stress too much, we figured if we really don't like the one we chose we can always change later.
  • I checked insurance first. Then I checked the pediatrician's website- most of them had areas of interest. When I found one that it seemed like I would jive with I scheduled an interview. It was simple and painless. And as PP have said, if you don't wind up liking that person you can always switch. Good luck!
  • Ask your OB and also any friends and family for recommendations. Word of mouth is sometimes the best! I'm actually going with my childhood pediatrician, but I still interviewed a few just to have some comparison.
  • I asked my local town Facebook group for recommendations as we are new to our town. Then called a few, checked insurance and did a quick meet and greet with the practices.
  • Definitely do the "meet and greet" if the practices offer it. Mine went through a whole slew of info about the practice that I wouldn't have known otherwise and definitely made me glad I chose them -- would have been helpful if I was trying to decide between multiple practices!!
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  • Just to throw another idea out there: I already had a family practice doctor that I liked for me, so we went with him for the kids, too. It is nice to have group visits when needed and just get us all seen one after the other.
  • When we had our first kid we had researched pediatricians and had a place picked from looking at the practice and what insurance covered and then when we delivered we liked the pediatrician at tge hospital so much that we decided to go to his practice even though it's 70 miles from where we live.
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