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Fast Letdown?

I don't even know if that's the right term. For the last week or so I've noticed about 5 minutes into a feed ds(4months) will start guzzling and really struggling with the amount of milk, sometimes it even comes out his nose. If I unlatch him to give him a rest/let him breathe he gets really grumpy and wants back on.

My question is, is there a particular position or way to feed him to help him out? I've tried side lying but the same thing happens. Or is he destined to forever drown in milk lol

Re: Fast Letdown?

  • I've had good results with laying flat or reclined and having my baby nursing more upwards. That way he has more control over the flow of milk since it isn't running down his throat on its own, like it does in many positions.
  • I agree with PP. I usually feed DD while in a recliner, lying backwards with her on me. When really engorged, I'll lie flat on the bed with her on me. Also, try holding your breast between your scissored fingers, right outside baby's mouth, to control the flow.

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  • Thanks for your responses ladies. I'll try these techniques and hopefully the little guy will have an easier time :)
  • If I'm in the position to do it, I'll sometimes hand express a bit to lower the pressure a bit.
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